Your Two Cents’ Worth


I saw a poll on Nextdoor from a local realtor asking if Palisades Village has improved the quality of life in Palisades or taken away from it. Interesting that the community was nearly split in two—when I last checked 55 percent said it was an improvement and 44 percent said it detracted.

Flights I

It’s not just the noise and dangers of flying low over the Palisades that concern me. It’s the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF JET FUEL that have come down over the Pali (and into adult and children’s LUNGS) since the 2018 change of approach to LAX.

Flights II

YES! Finally, someone is commenting on the constant, hideous airplane noise that’s now plaguing the Palisades since the decision to change flight/landing patterns to LAX. Thank you for printing it in the 2Cents column. How is this possible!? Every 30 seconds there is major jet noise, night and day, whenever I am walking my dog and now I’m noticing how often I can hear it inside my house. Who made this decision? And what are we going to do about it? I think the paper should report on it and community activity should begin — we didn’t buy houses next to the airport, why are we hearing constant airplane noise?


When will the water fountains around the baseball field be fixed? They haven’t worked for months.

(Editor’s note: Pallisades Recreation Center Director Erich Haas said, “it was not brought to my attention,” and that a job order will be submitted to have them repaired.)


Many in the House and Senate need to realize this is ABOUT AMERICA, NOT ABOUT THEM, and their morally corrupt political parties. They are paid high wages to work for America in a fair, sensible, and godly way. That is not what we are getting for our money now! The safety of America should be the most important thing to our legislators.


Did anyone get to see the ship off the coast of Malibu? So cool!

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