Your Two Cents’ Worth

Caruso Lied!

According to Google, Palisades Village™ is already open and has 348 reviews with a 4.4/5 rating! Tell that to the naysayers.


To the parent of the child that was playing with my son: Your son was so disrespectful because he kept singing this song: “Up yours, up yours, up yours, up yours.” It was outrageous.

Opening Anticipation

Is it Sept. 22 yet? It can’t come quick enough. A huge thanks to Rick Caruso and team for the informative and inspiring Palisades Village update. Our family looks forward to enjoying this gem in the heart of our “hood.”


I have to partially agree with the 2 Cents correspondent who was so rude about the Highlanders United for Good and their fight against the eldercare community. I have lived in The Highlands since 1994 and it’s always felt unfinished. I love it as a place to walk from more than live in. And the Italian place. Maybe the only good thing to come out of this eldercare proposal (apart from the facility itself, I don’t know about that—and many of my close neighbors don’t care) is that people are talking to each other up here for the first time. It might even grow us into a real community.

Jen (Again)

Didn’t Palisadian actress Jennifer Garner look wonderful presenting at the Oscars? I know some people turned one of her expressions—maybe surprise—into an internet meme, maybe about remembering she did not turn the oven before she left home, but that was not so serious. What was more serious was not including our former Honorary Mayor Adam West into the Memoriam segment. I know it’s very limited on time, but a lot more viewers remember West as the real Batman—Palisadian Michael Keaton was just passing through and as for George Clooney … no, he will still be missed.

Rain, Rain

I do hope we get more rain this month. And Palisadians remember to turn off their lawn sprinklers throughout the downpours. We have enough green.

Your Two Cents’ Worth

Jennifer Garner, Alias …

I know Billy and Janice Crystal have just taken over as co-mayors, which is great. But, thinking ahead, what about Jennifer Garner? She is graceful, even when bothered by the paparazzi every Sunday morning when she steps out of church, good humored and a true Palisadian. The first honorary mayor was also an acclaimed, powerful and beautiful actress, Virginia Bruce, but we have not had a woman in charge since Rita Moreno in 1988. It’s about time.

Hit and Run

Does anyone recognize this dark blue/black Lexus? At around 5 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 25, the woman driver pulled out of the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club lot on Haverford and hit my car before speeding off. I had pulled in to do the right thing and exchange proper details, but managed to get this quick picture. Think she was coming out of the Adderley School production of “Hamilton.” If anyone knows who this driver is please contact me through the Post.


Found a piece of jewelry while hiking on Los Liones Trail. Please call the Post to claim.


I am really trying not to sound to angry here. However, the people opposing the Highlands senior center are the most hypocritical folks to call 90272 their home. My family purchased their home in Pacific Palisades in 1971. The Highlands did not exist. It was the worst developer nightmare. No infrastructure, on a four-mile dead-end road, fire hazard to nowhere, no schools, etc. so they flooded the Palisades Village. How the developers crammed them through was an example of disregard for decent city planning and greediness with no concern for “coastal regulations.” There is a 58-unit on Sunset and PCH that is just about to open and have the OK with environmental laws, etc. And the most audacious issue for the Highlands snobs … an objection to a senior facility … ? You would think they were going to build a prison up there. The Highlands should have never been built in the first place, and now they are offended by the idea of a senior residential complex? Boo hoo hoo. Cut it out. A senior residential facility is a great idea. Since when does not caring for our aging family and neighbors not fit into your take on being decent residents of Pacific Palisades and the world in general?

Hug II

I live near the proposed senior facility and I cannot tell you how often I hear the screeching of brakes and blaring horns. This intersection is not the right place for this facility.

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Your Two Cents’ Worth

Sign of the Times

Years from now, archeologists exploring our area will make an unusual discovery: hundreds of curiously eight-sided signs, each one bright red with stark white lettering, spelling out a single word. The assumption will be that they were discarded after falling into disuse. There won’t be anyone left who remembers what purpose they served.


I saw an urgent request for Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies on social media in the town last week. Does someone know when the first cannabis dispensary is coming?


Is Tivoli really remodeling? Sure looks and feels like they are closed for good. But we live in hope.


Everyone keeps saying Kayndaves is coming back. And it looks that way, when I walked past. But when? And why do we need two new coffee places (Caffe Luxxe and Estate) when we already have the big names around the Green?


I second the Alcove Bakery vote for the Caruso development! Ultra charming and delicious—I want to live next door to that Los Feliz jewel … in the Palisades!


That picture of sheep on the front page (“Flocking to Will Rogers,” about an art event) was weird. I did not understand what was going on. You are not running a farming magazine.


Over the holidays you reported that crime statistics were down across the Palisades in 2017, except for car thefts around Temescal. And now we have had all these burglaries in the Alphabet Streets and home invasions and nasty stuff like that. That is why I never trust statistics.

Your Two Cents’ Worth


Is it just mine or do other hearts also beat with joy and gratitude on seeing our star-spangled banner flying atop Caruso’s crane?


Caruso recently had more than 20 Tesla charging stations installed at his shopping center in Westlake Village. 20! Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive or will we all be driving Teslas by 2020?


Is Caltrans the dumbest agency designed just to make our lives more painful or what? They blocked a mile of one westbound PCH lane between Santa Monica for a week cutting down some branches, causing more chaos than any road diet, but only put up the dot matrix warning signs right before the tree trimming trucks. Like, 10 yards. By which time we had been jammed without any warning from the tunnel for 30 minutes and long lost the opportunity to find another way into the Palisades. Or the will to live. Dumb and dumber too, Caltrans, you morons.

Billy and Janice Crystal

Welcome to the Palisades, co-mayors. Hope we see you around town, beyond Gelson’s and its $7 apples (good joke)—maybe at a nail sa

Your Two Cents’ Worth


Village Green

I first thought the piece about selling off the Village Green was a joke, but then realized it might be someone testing the waters. And yes, Mike Bonin has to protect it. Let’s be clear: The Village Green is off the table. It’s a taste of paradise, a breath of fresh air right next to smelly old Sunset, even if it may sometimes smell of yummy stuff from Starbucks, Noah’s and Coffee Bean.


Scammers keep getting better and better. One just called from a Connecticut based number, claiming to be Verizon wireless who was shutting down my account/SIM card due to suspicious account activity. I almost fell for it until they asked if I’ve ever used my device to purchase cryptocurrency.

Your Two Cents’ Worth

Crystal Clear

Newly sworn-in Co-Mayor Billy Crystal pledged “not to build a wall around the town, even if they were banning people from those s**thole towns like Malibu and Brentwood.” Well, Mr. Co-Mayor, you’ve got it wrong. We must build a wall—and Malibu’s gonna pay for it!

Missing the Punchline

I liked your coverage of the “exclusive mayor’s club” and comedy night, but you did not give the star of the night all the respect he deserved. And that was Arnie Wishnick, president of the Chamber of Commerce, who was amazing and funny and wise and sad and funny all over again. As Kevin Nealon, a professional funnyman, said: “Who thought coming on after Arnie would be so tough?” This is a man we should all honor, treasure and enjoy.

Caruso Holds Back

So we now know there will be eight places with alcohol licenses at Palisades Village (or is it Village Palisades, I always get confused) and more than 40 shops and stuff. Yet we only know who around half of them will be. Rick says he is nearly full and turning away some people. He also says he likes to share things with the community. So why not share some more names—so long as they are not boring, over-priced and so, so Italian, we shall be very happy.


So much for the cops saying the Ruthless Ryderz were fading away. They were back again last Wednesday night in bigger numbers than ever. I do hope those ladies who are setting up a charity to help the cops end this weekly nightmare get on with it. I know we are getting 12 or 13 new cops on the Westside, but guessing they are all going to be in Venice and other rougher neighborhoods. We need action and more cops more than ever.


I noticed a strange trend in the last few 2 Cents columns. People were being philosophical, sweet natured, thanking each other for helping out. Wow. Are all the angry people and bad mom drivers still on vacation?

Your Two Cents’ Worth

Marquez Manners
A very sweet, young woman found my small backpack, containing my iPhone, which I had left on an outside table at Ronny’s on Marquez. She not only called me right away, but waited there until I showed up for it, as well! Millie absolutely deserves the “Thoughtful Award” for January!

Village Manners
At 7:50 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 16, a soccer mom in a dark Audi SUV made a U-turn at the intersection outside Palisades Garden Café, causing myself and others behind me to stop abruptly. I shrugged and held my hands up, and then, slightly shaken, ducked into a random parking structure. She followed me into the garage, pulling up beside me blocking more traffic and shouting that she had the right to make that U-turn. When I disagreed, she said, “You don’t belong here anyway.” I am born and raised on the Westside. My only comfort is that is that racist slur cost her a parking fee.

Summer, Please
I am a local resident and have been following the Caruso project closely, and as a fashion lover and foodie, I wanted to submit my 2 cents: As someone who appreciates quality options, I could not be more pleased with the current tenant lineup so far. I will be able to do my grocery shopping, pop in for a coffee or pastry somewhere, get things for my dogs, buy my husband a gift just because, or simply just take a walk through and enjoy the new beauty. Summer can’t come soon enough!

Fronds Indeed
Your correspondent who was rude about Palisadian palms saying they are thirsty and ugly should know they are part of our history, rooted in the Palisades since the days of our Founding Father. The town would not be the same without them, we might not plant them today, as the fashion is for natives, but that does not mean letting them die of wood rot and beetle. They deserve some love too, even if the citizens and city seem embarrassed by them.

Ben Allen
It’s admirable that State Senator Ben Allen will be looking to protect California taxpayers, including those of us about to be hammered by our own party’s tax reform. At the same time, he and his party might look to clean up their own backyard of the most onerous income, sales, and business taxes in the nation for services and a public education system, which are no better than most states. Makes you wonder where the money goes, though it would appear that at least in the past the majority of Californians didn’t care. Maybe now?

Black Dress Protest
I saw the most stunning, gorgeous, glamorous, classy, black dresses while watching the Golden Globes. However, I also saw several actresses in black “dresses” that left very little to the imagination. How are skimpy, sheer black dresses a protest? I am daring to say that parading on national television in a see-through, “cut to there” black dress is its own form of sexual misconduct.

Your Two Cents’ Worth

Positive Start

Thank you to the kind soul who left a note on my car in the Gelson’s parking lot on the morning of New Year’s Eve. You noticed that my tires were dangerously worn and took the time to write a thoughtful note. When I took the car in I was told that you may have saved my son’s and my life, as my tires were indeed unsafe. I now have four new tires. You gave me a positive start to 2018, and I will pay it forward.


Caruso’s workers were supposed to park at the foot of Potrero Canyon and then take a van to the site. However, many workers park in the Alphabet Streets, leaving no space for residents, friends, shoppers, local employees, etc. Imagine what will happen with 400 workers!!!!! Caruso needs to keep his word and bus in his workers from Potrero.

(Editor’s note: Caruso says  they have employed additional security guards to ensure that construction workers  park in the structure and not on the streets.)

Who Needs Fronds?

People have been suggesting in your paper that palms are not the trees that need protection around our town. Having found a giant ugly frond wedged onto the top of my car this morning, brought down by the rains, let us tear them all out and replace the invaders with real native trees.

John and Ken

Some 2Center was quoting KFI radio shock jocks John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou to attack Mike Bonin. You know they only get ratings by shocking people, not by being right, right? They run a “ghoul pool” predicting who in public life is going to die next. They are successful entertainers, at least if you listen to micro-pond of AM radio, but I would not buy a car from them.


The subtext of so many of the 2 Cents letters seems to be “I don’t like change,” which is interesting because a few years ago I read a quote from a 115-year-old Japanese woman, who was asked for her secret to longevity and happiness. She said it was two words: “Welcome change.”

Longer Days

Do your readers know that after Jan. 7 days are getting longer at both ends—two minutes more daylight every day. That is reason enough to be happy.

Got something to say? Call (310) 454-1321 or email and get those kudos or concerns off your chest. Names will not be used.

Your Two Cents’ Worth

Junked Bike

I saw my first abandoned rental bike on Will Rogers beach on Dec. 31: If you don’t get penalized much for not returning them, which is the big pitch behind these Breeze bikes in Santa Monica and Venice, then what is the incentive to return them? I am guessing someone got to the end of the bike path, felt tired and called an Uber. We are going to see a lot more junked bikes in the future.


I completely agree with the Pali resident who urged Caruso to put some affordable eating spots into the new development. Mort’s was the lifeblood of our community for so long because it was family friendly, had good food and was affordable. What about a pizza place too? With so many local schools and kids, that would be a hit too. Wake up Rick—a high-end only development will go bust after the glitter wears off. Palisadians did not get to live here by throwing out money. We desperately need family friendly affordable eateries. Help us.

Vision Zero

Your paper printed a falsehood that went unchallenged. Councilmember Mike Bonin styled himself as “champion of Vision Zero, an international program to eliminate fatalities.” This is the fake cover story. The real goal of this phony program is to force people to stop using their cars and start using public transportation, to walk, to ride bikes and to move closer to work by making traffic miserable by taking away lanes. It’s part of the global warming cult. John and Ken on KFI talk about this all the time. There is also a movement to recall Bonin because he is a fraud and Vision Zero is a fraud.

Vision Zero II

Vision Zero may be too bold for Los Angeles, especially the Westside. We love our cars too much, and certainly have too little experience to trust public transport to replace our Tesla and SUVs. Maybe, one day, when a safe, clean reliable “subway to the sea” actually gets to the Palisades, maybe we will be happy about Vision Zero. But right now, it’s among those green ideas that we call “brave.”

Popular Senator

Whoever wrote the captions for the 2017 Year in Review should have their writing privileges taken away. Saying Senator Elizabeth Warren is possibly the most irresponsibly dangerous Senator on the left is ludicrous considering who is in the White House! She is exactly what we need, a loud and clear voice calling out the corruption.

Popular Senator II

The Democrats don’t like it when someone is as rude about their leaders as they are routinely about everyone else. Of course, Elizabeth Warren, like Bernie Sanders, is regarded as dangerous by some sane people, not just on the extreme left, and their spending plans on health and education do not add up. That is what I call irresponsible.


I must agree with your 2-Center who said that Palisadian drivers are too distracted to habitually use blinkers! I once counted how many cars turning left in front of me were signaling their intentions to turn onto Sunset. There were six cars and not one turned on their blinkers. I am sure they would say “you know where I was going” but that’s just an excuse. It’s about good habits, road manners and staying safe—our drivers should be smarter than that.

Got something to say? Call (310) 454-1321 or email and get those kudos or concerns off your chest. Names will not be used.

Your Two Cents’ Worth

Not Thrilled

I do not know how long 2Cents correspondent “Thrilled” has lived in the Palisades but I have lived here since 1952. I can assure Thrilled that the local community of the past whole-heartedly supported the mom and pop stores. Proof of this is the simple fact that so many stores stayed in business for as long as they did. A good example would be Mort’s Deli, which had been very successful since the early 1950s. For the most part, the reason these places closed was because their rents were raised so high they could not afford to stay in business. In addition, the buildings were not owner maintained and reflected quite badly on the community as a whole. What business owner wants to move into a run down and nearly empty building? The restaurants that replaced Mort’s could not survive because they did not offer what the community wanted. We need places where the little league teams can go after a game for a hot dog or a burger. Places that reflect the everyday needs of a community and shop owners who are willing to take part and support community projects as Mort’s did for so many years. Unless businesses like these are integrated into the Caruso development, I am afraid Pacific Palisades will have what we have had in the past: empty store fronts. Higher end and better maintained but empty.

Going the Distance

Responding to “Tag Time.” How about less time writing to the 2 Cents column and opting instead for studying geography? Since when has Sherman Oaks been 45 miles away from Pacific Palisades?

Baying for Movies

Looking forward to the Bay Theatre to open up again through Caruso’s development. Also looking forward to the possibility of dressing up the streets of this village. However, I hope the décor will also include the Oceanside theme. Because what we are really, is a small village by the sea. I would like to downplay the swank and play up the seaside.

Highlands Senior Care

Although I’m not a Highlands resident, I can understand their concerns, especially the parking issue. Having had a family member in a senior facility for more than three years, I have first-hand experience with inadequate parking. Do not think of the residents not driving. Think instead of the constant flow of visiting family and friends. This developer is barely accommodating his staff. Caruso listened. Maybe Shram will, too, and add additional spaces.


Your article about the Palisades being part of the city’s “glittering” towns may have flattered us. There are a lot of older people who may have big homes here but no money to enjoy the lifestyle. They are camping out in these mansions, or even those ordinary middle-class homes now insanely expensive—selling for maybe 10 times the average income, when in the past it used to be maybe three times. And this is a trap, because homes are not firstly financial instruments, and once we forget that we lose the essence of a house—which is family.

Up in Smoke

Is it safe to come out and breathe again?

Got something to say? Call (310) 454-1321 or email and get those kudos or concerns off your chest. Names will not be used.

Your Two Cents’ Worth


I’m thrilled with the news of Caruso’s new stores and market. This community didn’t support all the mom and pop stores (or else they wouldn’t have all closed) so I for one am looking forward to a more upscale offering befitting our residents! Keep the announcements coming!

Seriously Thrilled

I am seriously thrilled that The Little Market is coming to our village! I have been following this business for some time now and think it’s amazing that they are opening their first storefront in our very own town. Tell Caruso to bring on more tenant announcements!


With all the money the Frontier company makes they should make the building and landscaping more appealing for the community. Should we get a petition going?

Tag Time

The old Jack in the Box should be converted to a laser tag and video game place. This would be a perfect place for all of the kids in the Palisades to just hang out with friends and have fun and some quality time. Moms can drop their kids off, shop, workout, hit Starbucks and pick the kids up. The bus stop is close by too. No more driving the 45 miles each way to Sherman Oaks!


To everyone who blasted their car horns at me on Sunset at Carey while I waited for a school bus that had its stop lights blinking: I will never drive around a school bus, in violation of state law, because you’re in a hurry to race to work. I’ve lived in the Palisades since 2003 and know of at least three children who’ve been killed along Sunset. Don’t treat other people’s kids as if they don’t matter.


Watching some of our residents try to navigate a four-way stop makes me wonder how they get through life!


The Palisades Highlands can use a reinstatement of the DASH bus for seniors, teenagers and anyone else who needs public transportation.

‘Game of Thrones’

“Game of Thrones” is awesome. However, I am very worried about life after “Thrones.” So many people are addicted to the show, they act and dress like the characters, name their kids after characters (I met a newborn in Venice last week named Cersei) and buy dogs that look like wolves. It would be nice if President Trump released a twitter on the matter or congress ordered them to keep the show going for the benefit of humanity.

Got something to say? Call (310) 454-1321 or email and get those kudos or concerns off your chest. Names will not be used.