U.S. Power Lines

At various times of the year, we get significant power failures due to severe storms affecting hundreds of thousands of people and costing many, many millions of dollars (if not billions), besides the inconvenience of not having power when it is particularly cold outside.

In fact, even in California we had fires—one of which is now thought to have been caused by a power line that fell to the ground and started the fire.

Dwight David Eisenhower many, many years ago started the interstate highway system because he felt that it was important for the country to have. Why not bury all of the power lines in the whole country, like we have done in part in the center of major cities?

I am not an attorney and consequently do not know anything about eminent domain, but I’m sure that it was used to build the interstate highway system.

Do you think that this is particularly important in today’s society, where we are all dependent on the internet and electricity to drive our computers and the internet as a whole? In some parts of the country, it would certainly be better to commute by internet. In fact, in Pacific Palisades, in the center of town, the power cables are buried.

The LADWP is now redoing many poles in our town.  Why not add some money to this project and bury all of the wires?

The more time we wait to start this big project, the more money it will take to make it come about.

Ezio Piaggi