Championship Day at Rec Center

Ella Shuman of the Wolverines fires the winning shot in overtime in the Girls’ Bantam Division final versus the Cornhuskers.
Photos by Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

The championship basketball game of the Girls Bantam Division last Sunday in the small gym at the Palisades Recreation Center went to overtime, where Taya Jones won the jump ball and tipped it to teammate Ella Shuman, who had a clear path to the rim and made a jumper in the lane to give the Wolverines a dramatic 12-10 victory over the Cornhuskers.

It was tied 6-6 at halftime and deadlocked 10-10 after regulation. The Wolverines finished 8-2.

In the Co-Ed Minor Division the Kings eked out a semifinal win against the Lakers before falling to the Clippers 34-32 in a thrilling title tilt that was a two-point game at halftime in the big gym.      

In the Co-Ed Bantam Division final, Max Konecke scored 24 points, including a half-court heave at the buzzer ending the first quarter, to lead the Hurricanes past the Yellow Jackets, 39-30.

Luke Jacobs (left) of the Lakers drives around Luke Davidson of the Kings in a Co-Ed Minor Division semifinal game Saturday.

The Hurricanes led 23-14 at halftime in the small gym, but the Yellow Jackets kept stinging back and pulled to within two points late in the fourth quarter.   

The Bulls defeated the 76ers to  advance to the finals in the Co-Ed Major Division, then captured the championship by topping the Knicks 49-21 in the big gym.

Gabriel Williams (left) dekes Carter Kessman of the Yellow Jackets in the Hurricanes’ win in the Co-Ed Bantam Division final.

In the Girls Minor Division final the Bullodogs beat the Gators 29-14 in a matchup of SEC rivals.

The Rec Center’s Major Division flag football semifinal games and the final were yesterday while the Minor Division championship game kicks off today at 4:15 p.m. on the Field of Dreams.

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