2018 Year In Review

Throughout the News and Views Real Estate section, which runs the second week of each month, the Post takes a look back at historic properties. Here are some of the homes that ran in 2018.

March 8

Gregory Peck

The Post took a look inside Gregory Peck’s Upper Riviera home on San Remo Drive. Peck, a movie star who got his start in RKO’s 1944 film “Days of Glory,” went through a nasty and public divorce from Greta Kukkonen while residing in the Palisades. With his wholesome public image at risk, Peck quickly issued a denial of Kukkonen’s charges. Only years later would he admit to a brief, adulterous affair with his “Spellbound” co-star Ingrid Bergman.

Photo courtesy Universal Pictures

April 12

Nanette Fabray

One Sunday afternoon in 1963, beloved television entertainer Nanette Fabray was on a drive around Pacific Palisades with her husband, Ranald MacDougall, when they spotted a home on the edge of Rustic Canyon—and settled there for more than 50 years. “It was once a real working ranch, so it had a great iron stove and drying room for workers’ clothes,” she explained to the Post in 2004 about her home. Fabray, who passed away at age 97 in February, served as honorary mayor of Pacific Palisades in 1967.

Photo courtesy of NBC

August 9

Adele Mara

Born Adelaida Delgado to Spanish parents in 1923, Adele Mara spent her last 10 years of her long life in Pacific Palisades. She lived quietly in a house on Corsica Drive that has been touted by real estate agents as a “charming Riviera home” built in 1941. Mara and her husband, writer and television producer Roy Huggins, purchased the four-bedroom, single-level home in 2000. When the couple moved into house, the only protection Mara needed from any remaining fans that would remember the dancing actress with striking looks was a knee-high white picket fence.

Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer