Your Two Cents’ Worth

These are some of the staff’s favorite 2Cents submissions the Post received throughout the year.

Fire Fighters

I wanted to thank our fire fighters at 69 and 23 for their work during the recent blazes. I was just speaking to a firefighter at 23 who told me they were everywhere over the past few weeks, and many did not sleep for nights. They just kept on going, like those Duracell bunnies. I know it’s lazy to call them “heroes” all the time, even when they really are, but they certainly are amazing!


I saw an urgent request for Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies on social media in the town last week. Does someone know when the first cannabis dispensary is coming?

Amazing Amazon

So, we are getting a bookstore that is coming out of the internet monster that destroyed so many book stores. Weird, amazing really, going backward, but I am grateful.

Talent Shines

I went to my first Talent Show at Pali High and it was a lot more fun than I expected. So many kids. But, with all due respect to the amazing winners, I think you got the wrong winners. Those guys who played the fast piano and violin were amazing, and the girl who sang the Michael Jackson song rocked the house. And that African comedy guy. But again, the winners were pretty good, too. How could any judge make up their minds? Glad I did not have that job.

Free Parking

You have free car storage over on El Oro Lane! We can beat that. Over on Albright, we have a couple that have been living in their van for more than two years. In addition to the van, they each drive a BMW station wagon and now have added a motorcycle to their entourage. The van is pushed every three to four days about two to three feet, and the man photographs its location. They have been reported countless times to Parking Authority and to Mike Bonin’s office. Nobody does anything. No wonder there is no parking here by our new village.

99 Cents

I really hope the old Norris building gets turned into a 99 Cent store so we can have at least one place for normal people.

Bitter Chocolate

Enough with the arguing over See’s Candy in the new Caruso development! It’s a beloved American brand. This town would be the laughing stock of most of the country if they listened to the first world problems people are up in arms about here. In fact many of you are the laughing stock of your own town. Get over yourselves.

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