2018 Year In Review

Our newspaper would not be the same without assistance from the Junior Reporter team, who helped cover news from the Pali Bee to interviewing Rick Caruso. The long-running program is open to kids up to the age of 17. Anyone who is interested in participating (and seeing their work in print!) in 2019 can email mypost@palipost.com for more information.

February 1

Vanessa Masterson offered tips and tricks for future Pali Bee contestants in order to have their most successful year yet. Her suggestions included making sure the written portion was completed neatly, studying spelling words and working hard.

Photo courtesy of the Masterson family

April 5

On Saturday, March 24, Lilliana Zar participated in March For Our Lives, a student-led demonstration headquartered in Washington, D.C., with nearly 900 sibling events throughout the United States and around the world to support stronger gun violence prevention measures.

Photo courtesy of Maryam Zar

April 26

Taking a closer look at the humane treatment of any and all pets, Carys Thompson shared her findings, which included leading local stores keeping animals in small glass display cages. Thompson discovered that according to the Humane Society of the United States, “guinea pigs need room to exercise, even with daily playtime outside of the cage.”

Photo courtesy of the Thompson family

June 28

Gavin Alexander sat down with Palisades Village developer Rick Caruso to check in on the project ahead of its Sept. 22 opening. Alexander asked a range of questions, including what Rick was most excited about, what he was worried about and what businesses were left to be announced.

Photo courtesy of Felicia Alexander

September 14

Kona Wong, a fifth-grader at Canyon Charter Elementary School, took home first place in the 56th annual Southwestern Youth Music Festival—the biggest music competition in Southern California. The 10-year-old piano player participated in the PQ20 category, which is designated for children age 10 and under with less than four years of instruction. Each performer played two pieces from a pre-selected list. Wong played “Italian Song” by Tchaikovsky and “Japanese Festival” by Yoshinao Nakada.

Photo courtesy of the Wong family

December 13

Audrey Yael Smith shared that her favorite memory of 2018 was when she found out that she won the Canyon Charter Olympics Day T-shirt design contest in her final year at the school. She said that she was so proud to see the entire school wearing a T-shirt that she designed for one of the school’s biggest fundraisers.

Photo courtesy of the Smith family