Your Two Cents’ Worth


I wonder how much rent Caruso would charge for Santa’s cottage.

Thank You

So grateful for the new Palisades Village!!! It’s simply gorgeous! Maybe most of us won’t shop there but it’s still so wonderful, new and beautifully done. Our properties just went UP for sure! My whole family loves strolling by and trying the different restaurants. All these petty complaints about the piped in music (which you only hear when you’re on top of the speaker), the type of stores they have and the overpriced movie theater: There’s still another side of the Palisades, south of Sunset, that people can hold on to reminisce. I for one, love this Palisades upgrade and am grateful every day that I pass by it. I enjoy the luxury, craftsmanship and detail that was put into our new Village. THANK YOU CARUSO!!

Not for Everyone

After reading the Letters to the Editor in the Nov. 29 edition about Palisades Village, can we stop making false equivalencies? Yes, we should all be grateful for many things, however, the new Village is not for everyone. People who don’t like it are not complainers or “haters.” They are people with valid points and opinions who have a right to them. There is no poll that has been taken to support that the “majority” of the Palisades loves the place. That’s simply posturing and an overused bullying tactic. Let’s stop it now. It does not change the facts.


It is a massive inconvenience to the neighbors to find La Cruz Avenue closed for a private school event on Friday afternoon at rush hour. What kind of selfish and thoughtless behavior is being modeled for students at this school?

Dogs I

Can you please clarify the rules on non-service dogs in restaurants? I understand dogs outside of Edo Little Bites, but what about the outside sitting areas of Hank’s, Porta Via and The Draycott?  I like dogs; I just do not want to eat with them.

Dogs II

Since when are dogs allowed “in” restaurants? Isn’t this a health code violation? While dining in the village, one couple brought their dog into a restaurant at 8 p.m. Friday night. Then again, yesterday two dogs were “inside” a restaurant (under the bar, and under a booth table). I LOVE dogs, and have one, but would never bring her to dine inside a restaurant. I respect other people’s dining pleasure, not to mention those people with allergies …

(Editor’s note: Caruos’s policy on Palisades Village dogs is as follows: We kindly ask you to refrain from bringing onto Palisades Village property any animals with the exception of service animals, dogs that are being carried or dogs that are on a physical leash no longer than six (6) feet. Animals demonstrating any aggressive behavior are not permitted in Palisades Village.)