There’s a beautiful composition written by Aaron Copland called “Fanfare to the Common Man.” Here’s what should be owed to the common people: Free parking for working class residents to park in front of their own homes in the Alphabet Streets.

The negative economics that are being placed upon hard working class people regarding parking passes and permits and fee structures is unfair and wrong. It places an inconvenience on residents, their friends, relatives, daily visiting workers, nannies, gardeners, babysitters, construction workers, plumbers, etc. It places an undue burden financially and takes away the freedom of movement; being able to come and go without constantly looking at a clock.

What is being lost in this is the people—the sheer number of people being adversely affected vis-a-vis one developer and the politicians who are simply looking at their bottom line.

The Constitution states it is a document of the people by the people and for the people … and in this case, those words mean a great deal to the numbers of people across the spectrum that are being forced to pay for permits to park in front of their own home.

Aesthetically the signs will ruin the look of the neighborhood. The constant traffic patrol of the parking enforcement will be a nuisance.

A billionaire developer and a city councilman have handed their tab to a group of Palisades residents to pay. They have made it difficult and costly for us to park, enjoy our friends and colleagues at our homes, and sadly ruined a once peaceful, free way of life.

The Village was supposed to be a positive addition to the community. I defended it against naysayers. Now I am disappointed in the lack of professional integrity and absence of morals, values and ethics in damaging Pacific Palisades.

What rights will they take away from us next?

What freedom will be taken away from us next?

Lisa Stetler


Hello, my name is Chaz Plager, a boy scout for Troop 223.

Recently, I learned that romaine lettuce can be very dangerous due to some bushels containing a strain of E. coli.

Please be careful when eating romaine lettuce, and if you or a loved one has recently eaten romaine lettuce, go to the doctor just to be safe.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Chaz Plager

Hidden Gem

What a hidden gem you have with your Sports Editor/Photographer Steve Galluzzo! “Hidden” because he is always behind the camera, quietly capturing amazing athletic moments at Palisades Charter High School sporting events.

During our Pali Girls Varsity Volleyball season, we always looked forward to checking Steve’s Twitter or the Pali-Post Facebook page to see all the great shots he took of our games.

As well as getting exciting action photographs, Steve is also a kind and thoughtful person. He is always polite and friendly when interviewing the student athletes.

Our team appreciates him so much, we like to invite him to our end of season banquet. We had ours this past Thursday night and he asked if he could get up behind the microphone to address the varsity team.

He’s never asked to do that before but said he had something he wanted to give each player. He spoke about how happy he was to watch our team win the LA City Section Championship game.

He then presented each player with an individual framed photograph he had captured of them during the season. The girls were so moved and appreciative that he went to the effort to make them feel special.

This was one of those times where someone goes above and beyond!

We just want everyone to know how much Steve’s talent, skill and kindness means to our Pali girls varsity volleyball team.

Parents and Pali Varsity Volleyball Team