Your Two Cents’ Worth


To the elderly woman who was entering Starbucks when my 13 yr. old was leaving. The rule is the person exiting the building has the right away before the one entering. You told her to stop, shook your finger and walked through the door. If you don’t like kids move to a retirement community.

Inflated Gas

I find it strange that our two “competing” gas stations at Via De La Paz & Sunset always have matching prices. Those prices are significantly higher than any other stations around LA, which has been the case for months now. Today, for example, they were 70 cents per gallon higher than even the stations in Brentwood! That adds up to a $14 difference with 20 gallons. Are they just laughing at all the “rich suckers” that don’t notice? It seems rather odd that one station doesn’t at least slightly lower their price to get more of the business. Competition isn’t supposed to drive prices upward. I hope they both realize that price fixing is a crime.


It seems that there aren’t many patient drivers up here in the Palisades, I recently saw a young man roll his window down and yell at an older man in front of him to “GO!!” as he barely approached a stop sign. I took it as a gentle reminder to not get upset or worked up over something so insignificant.


The loss of George Wolfberg to the community is tremendous. My thoughts are with his family.


As it gets busier and busier with traffic on Alma Real, a crosswalk near Ralphs exit might help!

Thank You

That staff at Starbucks deserve some kudos for always being so accommodating to their customers and all of their strange requests.

General Porpoise

I’m so sad General Porpoise closed. I miss the Churro donuts, they were so amazing!

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