Your Two Cents’ Worth


I’m grateful we have to opt in to get plastic cutlery with most food delivery service BUT I ordered a chicken plate with a side of potatoes and salad, and each item was packed in a separate plastic container. Seems like this is the bigger issue here.


My daughter and I just attended the 2nd Streetside Cinema in the Village showing Disney movie, Cars 2. The whole event was planned perfectly, the bean bags with blankets and heating lamps kept us warm in a chilly evening. The free popcorn, snacks, and drinks filled up our tummies. The FunFlicks headsets gave us the theater sound system experience. We had a great evening. Many thanks to Caruso and Porsche.


The second tree lighting ceremony was magical. The music and snow totally set the mood for a happy holiday season. And we are so lucky to have Billy and Janice Crystal as Mayors!

Trees II

People really paid $25 to park at Palisades Village the night of the event?! What happened to free parking for two hours and everything else we were promised?


It’s comforting to know that some fellow Anti Trump Palisadians believe supporters of the President’s policies are all blind, non thinking and drunk. Such tolerant and respectful folks.

Politics II

I thought we lived in Mayberry by the Sea, but this lovely town is filled with such hate for President Trump, it is disturbing.

Politics III

I appreciate the two takes on our current president and the room to have different views. I don’t appreciate the demeaning sarcasm that suggests if you don’t agree with Steve Cron’s take you are an unthinking person or a drunk uncle. Seems like civility suggests that thinking and sober people can have different perspectives than yours. How about respect instead of demeaning their intelligence and sobriety.

Leaf Blowers

Why doesn’t every blower have the same warning as every gas station: Breathing the air in this area or skin contact with petroleum products can expose you to chemicals including benzene, motor vehicle exhaust and carbon monoxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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