Your Two Cents’ Worth

Solar Panels

A couple of builders in the Riviera Palisades have told me the reason most new homes around us are not installing solar panels is because the homeowners and/or architects think they are an eye sore. Hmm. I’d say the sixth mass extinction we are experiencing due to climate change where energy use is a leading cause is the real eye sore.


Why is an employee at Chipotle talking on her cell phone while cutting steak and flipping chicken? Not a quick emergency phone call, but a full-blown conversation the whole time. Was she checking with corporate about safe cooking temperatures?

Chipotle II

Why do people pick on Chipotle? I eat it when I need to grab something quick and I have no complaints.

Leaf Blowers

The best way for locals to take action against leaf blowers is to persuade their gardeners to switch from gas powered blowers to battery powered blowers. SCAQMD has a subsidy program that significantly lowers the cost of commercial grade battery powered machines for gardeners who turn in their gas-powered blowers. Battery powered machines make less noise, pollute significantly less, and greatly reduce the health risks to the gardeners. Trying for enforcement of the LA ordinance that bans the use of gas powered blowers within 500’ of residences is a non-starter.


Thanks for the household tips for environmentally-friendly measures, and for clarification of what’s recyclable. Some surprises there!

Stop Signs

I’ve noticed several cars in the Palisades appear to have permission to speed thru stop signs and disregard the law of pedestrians or other cars. I am curious if anyone can direct me to the office so that I can apply for the same permissions as I’m often in quite a rush myself to get where I am going. Does anyone know the cost for these special passes or what the basic criteria are for admission to the club?


I saw a woman who posted about a scam where they call and pretend to be your child in distress. They are getting creative and scary!


I appreciate the letter that ran in last week’s paper about the dangers fake spider webs pose to animals. I’m guessing many Palisadians are not aware of the issue!

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