Longtime Local Veterinarian Retires


On November 1, longtime veterinarian John Condello DVM will retire after taking care of local pets for more than 30 years at Palisades Animal Clinic in Marquez Knolls. 

At age 71, while in good health, Condello has chosen to retire and focus on being a good support system to his wife of 50 years, who has some mobility issues, he told the Palisadian-Post.

“I love my job,” Condello shared. “I love my folks in the Palisades, but my wife really needs me at home so that’s the major reason I’m leaving.”

He said he used to joke they would have to take him out on a stretcher, but it turns out he’s leaving of his own accord.

He found the solution he was looking for when his friends, Dr. Dean and Dr. Dana Graulich, who run the Malibu Coast Animal Hospital practice, surprised him with an offer to take over his clinic. 

“One of the major reasons that I continued on was that I could not find someone to continue the practice with the care and compassion you deserve,” Condello shared in a retirement letter to the community. “Many of you have already used their clinic in the past, and clients have frequently told me how much they love the care their pets have received from these doctors.” 

The Palisades Animal Clinic will close for a brief time to upgrade equipment (including a new X-ray machine) and undergo a cosmetic refresh. During this time, there will be someone available to take calls, refill medications and give continuing medical care. 

“The great news is that now X-rays and other in-depth diagnostics and care will be available without the need to go elsewhere,” Condello wrote.

“While this will be a positive change for all, rest assured that I will deeply miss all of you.” 

Both Condello and his wife are Southern California natives. Condello graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree with honors in 1978 and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1980.