Your Two Cents’ Worth


Lost a pendant chain, white gold with white diamonds, somewhere in Palisades. Three chains connected together. Please call 310-454-1321 if you found it.

Leaf Blowers

Yes to support for global climate initiatives, but could our kids and their families take a local ACTION to stop the gas powered leaf blowers? This YOU CAN do. Start local and act!


How does Potrero Park already have 45 reviews on Google when it isn’t even slated to open until next year?


I was disappointed after reading BBB’s latest column but then I overheard an exchange in the Palisades: A woman told her son that she needed to return an item of clothing and he asked a million questions (why? what was it? did it not fit? etc.) and she patiently answered them all and told him she was returning it not because it didn’t fit well, but because she found it cheaper elsewhere. It made me happy to overhear a situation where a mom was encouraging her kid to save money when it comes to clothes and not brag about the price tag.


New Pali driver pet peeve: people who use the bike lane as a second parking lane on Temescal. Even if only a third of your car is sticking into the right lane and you are stopping for “just a minute”, you are blocking traffic and making people go around you!


New idea for Palisades developers: Why doesn’t the developer who wants to turn Jack in the Box into a mixed-use building just take over the Norris building and convert that space into his project? If something doesn’t happen, I worry Norris will sit empty for years to come.


Wondering if anyone knows anything about when tennis courts 7 and 8 will be returned to service at Palisades Recreation Center? It’s been 9 months.

(Editor’s note: An inquiry about the courts posed to the rec center went unanswered as the Post went to print. Check out a future edition of the paper for updates.)


Love our planet: Laundry balls greatly reduce drying time & in turn, shrink your carbon output! (Buy new or use 3 old tennis balls.)