Your Two Cents’ Worth


I put in a call to Mike Bonin and left a message—no call back. I put in two calls to the president of MKPOA and sent one letter. No reply to either. What am I? Chopped meat!!

Garden Party

I hope that some of the money raised at the swell Democratic fundraiser in the Riviera will go to reimburse taxpayers the 30+ million dollars squandered by Rep. Lieu and his cronies in their wild goose chase for Russian boogeymen in the White House.

Farmers Market

I wish the Farmers Market would move back to the Village, but it doesn’t seem like that will be happening anytime soon.


Regarding the accident last week on PCH near Chautauqua—we were happy that there were no fatalities, but we would like to know how it happened, the cause, and how to avoid it next time.

Crash II

It really is miraculous that no one died in the accident on Pacific Coast Highway. I saw photos of the damage and it was a doozy. It’s a good reminder to us all to slow down, especially in the mornings, when we all tend to rush to get where we need to go.


Yay! I saw LAPD officers giving tickets out on Sunset Boulevard over the weekend. Hopefully this helps keeps our roads safer!

Palisades Village

One year of Palisades Village and there are still people complaining about the shops there. It took some time, but many of the stores and restaurants have been working on what they sell and offer. Why not give them another try? Nothing is perfect right when it opens up, these things take time. I for one am grateful that Alfred and Erewhon have since joined the Village.


Suggestion: Turn down your music when you are driving PCH on a weekend. We are all sitting in traffic and I don’t want to hear what you’re listening to.

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