Your Two Cents’ Worth

Lost Items

My husband lost a gold ring with a center diamond that I recently gave him for our 50th anniversary. It may have fallen off but I’m sure it’s in the Palisades, as we hadn’t been much farther that day or a few days prior. We also lost our Tesla keys on Sunday between Charmel and Palisades Presbyterian Church. If either are found, please email


Looking forward to the Mrs. Maisel promotion this week at Palisades Village — and being able to afford dinner and a movie without breaking the bank. Maybe they will like actually having people in their stores and keep the prices.


Driving down Temescal reminds me of the classic Japanese animation film where the movie’s namesake Totoro grows a towering camphor tree from a seedling in one night. Fantasy? Maybe not? In Pacific Palisades, we have tree trunks which spring up from the cement sidewalk overnight. A miracle! Or perhaps not. It could be an impromptu silent auction for cut tree trunks, with zero as the top bid! Whichever, it is always interesting living in our community.


Mr. Caruso has paper seat covers that match exactly the shape of the “necessaries.” No one else in town does it. It would be nice (and hygienic) if they did.


Loved seeing all the American flags from the street lamps around Palisades Village for Memorial Day and 4th of July week. It looked fantastic!

Farmers Market

I miss the farmers market in town—Caruso, you promised it would return. I understand we need a new location, but you should work with others to bring it back to the center of town.


It’s really depressing seeing a bunch of listings for apartments boasting “affordable” prices and then I read further and it turns out to be $2,500 or $3,000 to rent a room in a shared condo. Not sure what world that is affordable in, but it’s certainly priced out my kids who are looking for places to live nearby.


Thank you for the Norris Hardware update. Been wondering. “Waiting for the city” then signing a lease then building the space. Yikes! Sounds like 2021 to me.

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