Back to School

It’s hard to believe that another summer break has come to a close—as your LA Unified Board member, I am excited to welcome all our families and staff back to an exciting new school year!

This week marks the beginning of my third school year since being sworn in to represent your families and the Palisades school community.

Throughout my campaign and over the past two years, I have heard from constituents like you that our district must increase innovation and put your tax dollars back into classrooms so that all our schools can succeed. We have worked hard to do just that—and will continue to do this work and make progress for the Palisades public schools.

Since I took office in 2017, we have invested more than $18 million in projects to benefit the Palisades school complex. This has included a new maker space at Palisades Charter Elementary School to foster innovation and creativity in our students, a new building at Canyon Charter Elementary School to replace the temporary bungalows, a new facilities project at Kenter Canyon Elementary to make much-needed repairs and landscape upgrades, and more.

We have also advocated for the acceleration of a critical heating upgrade at Palisades Charter High School. One hundred of our city’s public schools will be over 100 years old next year, and we are investing in the need to keep facilities up-to-date so that our students can thrive.

We have also awarded multiple “bond grants” from our office to fund projects in the Palisades community based on individual school input, including water bottle filling stations to increase sustainability, security systems to keep students safe and technology upgrades to promote innovation in our schools.

We know that school needs vary and you can’t solve diverse issues with one-size-fits-all solutions. Great public schools ensure students achieve their fullest potential, not only by providing great classroom teachers and principals, but also by engaging parents, families and community partners to collectively move the school forward.

I’m looking forward to another year of spending time in schools, meeting with constituents and making progress for all of our students—in the Palisades and throughout LA Unified.

Nick Melvoin
Board of Education

‘Where Do You Stand?’

The vitriol, narrative and behavior of the Democratic Party over the horrific week that America bore witness to is abhorrent and atrocious, and I am left aghast! A wild, sad week to say the least.

I was amazed that a traumatic ordeal was used by Democratic candidates for political gain, political positioning and political fundraising. Former Representative Gabby Giffords, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris offered their thoughts and prayers, but used the ordeal to fundraise for the 2020 presidential election. Of course, citing massive gun control legislation.

The hypocrisy continues with the Left and Americans are not blind to their tactics any longer. We are a nation of laws and values that all people, whatever party affiliation, follow. We cannot continue to allow the “oxygen” of violence, hate, terror, harassment and threats from the Leftist’s breath air into their “anti, anti, anti” everything agenda.  These are the Democrats of the 21st century!

It is evident Conservatives and Leftists are in a battle to a great degree that has not been witnessed, at least in my lifetime, and that of my father’s. Remember the mantra, “Why can’t we all get along?” One huge reason we are not getting along is the Democratic Party will not accept ideology which does not parallel theirs. Individualism has no place with their thinking.

Here is a thought: It is time to get back to basics. Respect, tolerance, support, hope and encouragement. Our Constitution tells us we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Reach across the aisle and shake hands. Listen to one another without judgment. We are Americans, we set the tone … we must raise the bar. It is time to live together cohesively and supportively. Where do you stand?

Elle Feldman
Pacific Palisades