Your Two Cents’ Worth

Lost Violin

Where: Napoli Drive/Amalfi in the Riviera area. Rewards. Call 6267572941.


I’m nervous about all of these upcoming road closures in Topanga and on PCH near Santa Monica. Fingers crossed nothing makes our journeys in and out of the Palisades a disaster.


Hooray for our town mayors—the Crystals are everywhere! Please say you’ll stay for another year, or maybe more…we love your enthusiasm and involvement in our great community.


The passionate disciple of old angry Bernie seems to be a bright and enthusiastic young woman, but speaking as a current enrollee in Medicare, she’s going to need all of her smarts and energy in dealing with the government and the program for anything more than routine visits and treatments for her family if his Medicare for all is ever implemented. But then, there isn’t going to be a direct or indirect cost to anyone and the best surviving physicians and hospitals in the country will still be available!


Palisadians need a crash course in stop sign etiquette before they’re involved in a more serious crash.


I wanted to say thank you to Mike, the wonderfully kind gas station attendant at the 76 on Via & Sunset, for taking the time every year to grow the spectacular giant sunflowers along the wall there. It’s really a treat to see them grow, and especially once they bloom! We really enjoy them!


People turning right onto PCH from Sunset are so infuriating! I swear that intersection is the Wild West. Drivers use every single lane to turn every single direction.

Trader Joe’s

Every time I see a poll or a post about what the Palisades needs it’s ALWAYS a Trader Joe’s. The latest post I saw had almost 400 people respond, with 83% saying they’d shop at the store at least once a week. Wishful thinking, but we could really, really use one.

Palisades Village

The colorful flowers hanging down from each street lamp at Caruso are absolutely stunning. Such a beautiful sight to see.