Your Two Cents’ Worth

Movies in the Park

It sure looks like an incredible line up of movies for this summer. We are looking forward to enjoying the time laying on the earth and catching a flick with friends and family.


Thank you for your article on the Palisades Symphony’s Young Artist Awards concert and the photo of conductor Joel Lish, well-known from his days at Pali High. Coming up is the annual summer opera in concert, “La Traviata” on August 25. Not only is this orchestra a community treasure, drawing professional and amateur musicians from all over the L.A. area, its concerts are free to all.


Prices are way too high. $6 to $14 price rise is ridiculous. How can 60-year-old-plus Palisadians, the seniors, afford that?


A Big Thank You To Ralphs Market for their generous donation to Pastor Kenneth Davis’ retirement celebration at Palisades Lutheran Church this past Sunday.

Farmers Market

There’s a shortage of trashcans at the Farmers Market. It’s an easy fix that would prevent a lot of trash.


I’m so sad about the closure of the Highlands farmers market! It was so fun to have a place to walk over and support.


Where is the outrage from the community about the second reported racist incident at Ralph’s? When is the meeting in support of the victim with LAPD and the Crystals? Do we not care this time because it was “just a gardener?” Or maybe you’re not as “woke” as you thought.

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