Mountain Lion Tranquilized in Tahitian Terrace

A mountain lion was tranquilized in Tahitian Terrace at 10 a.m. Monday morning, June 24, by specialists with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Local residents were disturbed by loud animal noises near their homes and alerted Los Angeles Police Department West Bureau Officers Rusty Redican and partner Earl Wright, who searched the area and spotted the mountain lion.

“She had a tussle with a bunch of coyotes—one did not look like it was doing well, its rear leg was definitely hit by a fight with the mountain lion,” Redican told the Palisadian-Post. “The coyotes were just going ballistic, so we were called and we came up there to where people directed us. My partner Earl was just walking by and pointed it out. We looked over and there it was, staring back at us like, ‘You don’t want any part of this.’”

Redican and Wright backed away and called the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who responded promptly. The mountain lion took off from its original spot and ran behind a Tahitian Terrace home.

“We updated Fish and Wildlife on its last known location, where we saw it run off to, and they responded with biologists and guys with tranquilizer guns who came all the way from San Bernardino and Pasadena,” Redican explained.

The mountain lion was transported without any injuries.

The mountain lion, a 55-lb. female,

was spotted by Fish and Wildlife behind the Tahitian Terrace home, where it was humanely tranquilized, tagged and transported to a safe location, reportedly without any injuries.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife reported the mountain lion was named P75 and released in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.