Your Two Cents’ Worth


Another example of the completely self-absorbed behavior of some locals occurred last Thursday about 6:00pm in the very busy block of Antioch between Swarthmore and Via de la Paz. A white Audi was taking forever to back into a metered parking space and, as my wife drove around it, I saw the driver speaking into a hand-held phone as she ever-so-slowly inched back into an otherwise easy parking space. Maybe she was calling a driving school about the F she had received in Parking 101.


In regards to the article about Erewhon’s opening: Just what the Palisades needs – the most expensive egg on the planet…


Thank you for publishing Julie Hanson’s paean to the songbirds of Southern California. A welcome breath of fresh air for the “news” landscape.

Birds II

Thanks to Julie Hanson for her beautiful photos and descriptions of “Birds in Your Backyard,” so helpful for enjoying our surroundings.

‘Lend Me A Tenor’

Great play, great cast, great performances. Don’t miss it.


I just saw an actual 16 year old driving a brand new Corvette — it didn’t even have plates! — through the Palisades. My parents didn’t even fully trust me with a hand-me-down at that age! Wow.

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