Your Two Cents’ Worth


What is up with the roof drainage system at Village School? Every time it rains, 5 roof pipes drop waterfalls of rainwater onto pedestrians using the Alma Real sidewalk below. Perhaps Village could invest some of its millions towards a redesign?


Beware of the large Pothole on Temescal Canyon, just before PCH. A third colleague at work has hit it and had to replace tires.


Hey 2cents: Does anyone know why the streets in the Alphabets go from “I” (Ilif) to “K” (Kagawa)? What happened to the “J”? Inquiring minds want to know!

Rain Total

So disappointed to buy this week’s edition and not find it. Did I miss something? It’s big news every week.


I just realized last night, there isn’t one place to get a baked potato in the Palisades!  Maybe someone will add that to their menu? A really good baked potato, like you get at Boa, would be wonderful….just hoping.


I, like many Palisades residents, have been concerned about the intersection of Chautauqua and PCH. It is a precarious meeting of roads, with poor signage. To make things worse, 90% of the time I drive down Chautauqua, someone cuts in line from the far left lane, to the lane just right of it, to make a left on PCH, cutting off other drivers who have been waiting in the longer line on the right. This is not safe either, and with a young 15-year-old who is about to get his license, I need to say something. About two years ago I called LA Councilmember Mike Bonin’s office requesting road improvements at this intersection. Perhaps if we come together and call his office, something will finally be done: 213-473-7011.

Got something to say? Call (310) 454-1321 or email and get those kudos or concerns off your chest. Names will not be used.

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