Your Two Cents’ Worth


What a breath of fresh air to see the objectiveness written in Conservative I & II posts. I am a centrist Democrat if I have to choose a title. I willingly admit I agree with conservatives on certain issues and I was glad to see that sentiment reflected in these two conservative opinions. I wish those who vote their party no matter what, like choosing a football or baseball team, would take a page out of their book. Then maybe we wouldn’t have the mess we have today.


Can it be possible for arch conservatives and radical liberals to ever be close and tolerant with each other in the Palisades? Probably not unless we have the incredible grace, mutual respect and intelligence of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia, who spent every New Year’s together, attended the opera together and travelled together as a byproduct of their very close friendship and admiration for each other’s amazing intellect. They made the Supreme Court supreme!!!


The Bay Theatre was our Super Bowl-watching venue. Not only did their manager welcome us, but their chef passed out delicious (free) sliders and snacks. Thank you, folks! See you next year.


I’ve had exactly the opposite experience of the 2center who claimed the LAPD have been absent from the Village. My husband and I have seen Officer Michael Moore and other officers on numerous occasions at the Village. They always stop to chat. We’ve also seen LAPD officers elsewhere in our village; again on many occasions. Thank you, LAPD.


One of those giant black SUVs (Tahoe?) just went RACING by me and my dogs on Haverford right off Temescal at easily 45 mph. It was chased by an equally fast white BMW SUV.  Scared the bleep out of me. I have a feeling there are some parents that need to check on their teenagers.

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