‘Unabashed Rant’

Please chime in as something’s gotta give—it’s getting worse and worse.

Driving Palisades Drive is a daily affront, as is Sunset and Chautauqua and Temescal and PCH and all of Santa Monica below Lincoln.

There is danger all the time. No drama—constantly we deal with scofflaw. When’s the last time you saw someone getting a speeding ticket? Once every three months there’s a policeman hiding.

Now think of last time (last hour) you encountered a motorist speeding … if you live in The Highlands, you deal with treacherous conditions—no joke.

Palisades Drive is never comfortable to drive—you count on encountering law-breaking speeding each and every trip on that hill.

Newsflash: Speed limits exist so communities can count on these specific speed limits as a rule to navigate peacefully. No one has a right to speed.

Breaking the law is breaking the law—no exceptions. Just because they aren’t being caught so many keep speeding. So sad as this recent hit and run is what results. I know this didn’t happen on Palisades Drive, but the echo reverberates turning onto next main artery and all of this escalates. There have been so many accidents and it’s blatantly breaking the law in front of all your community

If you speed you are giving the bird to community. Please don’t speed.

Lisa Glantz


I’m sorry I couldn’t make the recent Democratic meeting in town. I would have liked to ask the question to the two state representatives, whose party has had total control, how can a state with a conglomeration of some of the highest taxes and fees in the country, and the highest assessed property values have the highest poverty level, rank in the bottom third of states nationally in public education, and not have enough money to repair the infrastructure and highways (wait, saved by the gas tax!) and to build much-needed dams in the Central Valley (but there is $90 billion to build Jerry’s train folly out in the toolies).

I guess I missed when the Kool-Aid was served and the majority drank it.

Dennis White