Sophie Saves Ice Cream

During an exclusive interview with the Post, developer Rick Caruso discussed his vision for the Village properties.

Caruso, who is a Palisadian-Post subscriber, had read about how junior reporter Sophie H. and other youngsters participated in a protest to try to stop Baskin-Robbins from closing.

“I’d like to give him a bit of perspective about what it’s going to be like if Baskin-Robbins closes,” Sophie told the Post during the protest. “Everyone will be miserable.”

Sophie, 7, started a petition to “Save Baskin-Robbins” and collected more than 200 signatures and sent it, along with a DVD she made, to Caruso. Caruso told the Post that he and his family watched the entire DVD and was inspired by Sophie’s passion and professionalism.

When asked what he would like to say to Sophie, he said, “Sophie, I want to hire you. You’re a great PR person.”

In part, thanks to her DVD, Caruso promised, “Ice cream will be back. That’s part of what makes a great street.”