Junior Reporters Inspired By Father Boyle

By MORGAN S. | Junior Reporter

“No kinship, no justice. No kinship, no peace,” was the message of Father Greg Boyle who spoke at the Palisadian-Post Speaker Series.

With every seat filled before Father Boyle came, many people were bubbling with excitement.

When asked about why she attended the event, Julie D.S. said “I admire his work. He has spoken before and he is great.”

“We’ve heard of Father Boyle and I think he’s amazing for what he’s doing,” said Jann J. “My cousin, who is a doctor, volunteers for tattoo removal.”

Ginny W. from Sunset Boulevard said, “ I read a book from Father Boyle. The Post did not only advertise this, but many other places were advertising as well. We’ve heard of him long before.”

After an hour of snacks and refreshments catered by Homegirl Cafe, Father Boyle came up to the podium and started speaking. He started off by saying that the biggest problem in the world is that we have forgotten about each other. Father Boyle, however, is not one of the people who have forgotten about others. His organization, Homeboy Industries, helps gang members off the streets and gives them a better and happier life.

“One of the privileges in my life is to be in theirs,” Boyle said. He said his “homies” have taught him a lot over the years – including how to text. They have also taught him that everyone is in need of healing.

Father Boyle created the largest gang rehab in the world and includes programs like Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café. Father Boyle shared that he wants to, “dismantle the messages of shame and disgrace that hides people from the truth.”

Not only has Father Boyle done this, he has also created better lives for the gang members that he has helped.

Father Boyle has not only helped, but also healed. As one of his young homies said, “my wounds are my friends. After all, how can I heal the wounded if I can’t heal my wounds?”

Father Boyle is a great man – a selfless, loving and kind man who wants to heal the world.


By DREW S. | Junior Reporter

I heard Father Boyle last Tuesday at the Palisadian-Post Speaker Series event. He was great. His charity is called Homeboy Industries. Here are some things that I’ve learned about Father Boyle.

Father Boyle has won many prizes, including the California Peace Prize. Father Boyle also helped people in gangs. He got the people in the gangs many jobs.

Father Boyle helped a former gang member named Dreamer and got him a job at a vending machine company. Dreamer came in to tell Father Boyle about his first check. Dreamer said, “I am proud.”

Homeboy Industries has 47 people who have been hired to remove tattoos from gang members. The gang members thought that taking off the tattoos was like saying goodbye to the gang lifestyle. Homeboy Industries hired a mental health team to help the former gang members.

Homegirl Cafe is a place where food is served and sometimes the waitresses have an attitude, but I had one of the Homegirl sandwiches and it was so good.

I interviewed a person who came to the Speaker Series and his name was Jim O., from the Alphabet Streets. He said that he knew Father Boyle and was at a fundraiser for Homeboy. He wanted to hear his speech and be inspired.

I can’t believe how much great stuff Father Boyle has done for other people.  I hope I have a chance to hear Father Boyle speak again.