Sharing Their ‘Jar of Hearts’

Students at Palisades Elementary Charter School shared pieces from the “Jar of Hearts” anthology, created by workshop leader Michelle Bitting Abrams at the end of a California Poets in the Schools program, at Palisades Branch Library.
Here are two examples of their work.

Photos by of Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer


I heard my alarm clock go off and I thought,

just a little longer. Dong, Dong, I’m late

for school. Do I have to go today?

“It’s math time,” calls my teacher.

I would rather eat a bath. Dong, dong –

school is out. Wake up time for school.

That was all a dream? Do I have to go

today, can’t I wait a little longer?!

—Jasper McClary

The Place I Wish I Could Be

I wish I could be far away

in Paris eating a big baguette

while wearing one of those

weird hats. I see no rats.

As I climb the Eiffel Tower

I’m happy. I could be getting

a portrait painted as I sit here

writing this poem.

—Maya Hernandez