Community was the overriding sentiment at Lovelates—a Pilates for a cure, charity event the evening of October 23, hosted by Noelle Rox in collaboration with Naked Cashmere to support breast cancer research.
“Connection and community is at the heart of Pilates Rox, so it just makes sense to spread the love to causes bigger than ourselves,” Rox shared.
Rox, a celebrity-trainer and lululemon ambassador, who founded the premiere pilates studio eight years ago, shared that her proudest moment is that friendships are made on the studio’s reformers.
When Rox’s client Leslie Gifford of Naked Cashmere approached her about doing a charity event to give back and empower women who need help, Rox said that it felt “totally in alignment with what I stand for.”
“It’s all about empowering women,” Rox continued. “I’m all about helping women be powered, strong, confident.”
Gifford, a resident of The Highlands, found herself donating scarves to provide women with comfort as they battled the tough disease. She decided to take it a step further by launching Naked Cashmere and partnering up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
During the event, Naked Cashmere auctioned off a one-of-a-kind, crystal Love Scarf and other items, with 100% of the proceeds going to BCRF. Naked Cashmere has donated over $200,000 to breast cancer in the past two years.
Palisadians Laurie and Chris Harbert donated an assortment of food and beverages for the event. Blue Ribbon brought sushi and floral arrangments were provided by Palisades Flowers.
“It’s a very special collaboration,” Rox said. “Even members of the community who were not able to attend sent in donations.”
Rox shared that she built Pilates Rox with a lot of grit and heart.
“There is no greater feeling than to be able to do what I love and give back and help find a cure,” Rox said. She is a former gymnast who spends her free time with her horse or her dog, Lovebug, who attended the event.
“It’s like family, and it’s been revolutionary,” said Richard Fields, a three-year Rox client and Palisadian since 1981, who lives at the top of The Highlands. “It completely changed my internal core strength, which has actually helped me do everything else that I do.”
“She understands this art form at such an intense level, she really gets the mechanical setup, she understands how the body works,” said David Hauser, a documentarian covering Rox’s life.
“How her knowledge not only transformed their bodies, it transformed their lives because she could connect them to their core. It’s something very subtle but when you tune into it and you lock into it, it’s an epiphany, and you go, ‘Oh, my God, I get this,’ and you start to see results.”
“It’s not just a studio, it’s a community,” said Palisadian Kristina Levitan.
Rox shared that shes hope to have more Lovelates events at the studio to come.