My Favorite Memory of 2018

Hume Lake campers
Photo courtesy of the Shin family

By HANNA SHIN | Junior Reporter

I made a lot of memories in 2018, but one memory that stood out to me was Hume Lake—a Christian camp located in Fresno County.

I must admit, I was very nervous, as this was my first-ever sleep away camp. Hundreds of worries had sprouted in my mind: Will I be homesick? Will I miss my bed? Will I like the food? Will I get sick? Will a bear show up in our cabin?

The campers met up at school where we boarded the bus that took us there. I sat next to one of my closest friends, who I have known since preschool. We were all bracing ourselves for a long, six-hour trip.

Surprisingly, it did not feel that long at all. Maybe because of the movie we were watching (“Sing!”), maybe because of the fun games we played, maybe because of the pit stop at In-N-Out (YUM!) or maybe just because we were all so excited to see what awaited us at Hume Lake.

When we arrived, we all scrambled out of the bus and grabbed our heavy bags. We all dashed to the covered wagons where we slept.

The wagon is much like the one from “Little House on the Prairie.” Each wagon was named after a U.S. state.

I was grouped with nine other girls and our wagon was named Georgia. Lucky for us our wagon was closest to the bathroom.

We ate a big dinner of a delicious burger and then got ready for bed. We layered ourselves the best we could because the nights at Hume Lake could be very cold, even in the middle of summer.

Even though it was my first night away from home, I fell asleep quickly. I think the long bus ride helped.

I woke up to the sound of a rooster’s crow. I was disoriented at first but as soon as I registered where I was, I immediately jumped out of bed. I was filled with anticipation, excitement and was so ready to begin the day.

Our daily schedule goes like this: First, a wake up call by the rooster. It is bitterly cold in the early mornings as well, so everyone wears their pajamas as we head out to the grassy field to say our pledges.

Breakfast is served in the Mess Hall, which is outdoors. Breakfast consists of toasts, waffles, cereal, sausages, bacons, eggs and fruits.

After breakfast, we brush our teeth, change our clothes, apply sunscreen and fill up our water bottles. Then we proceed to the chapel for our morning praise and prayers.

In the morning, campers are assigned a counselor and an activity. The activity could either be hiking or a fun game: Campers vs. Counselors. Then lunch is ready and served at the Mess Hall.

Nappy Poo follows after lunch, which is a 30-minute rest time. One can catch some Zs, play a game or two, or write an entry in the journal book. No one’s allowed to leave the wagon during Nappy Poo.

In the afternoons, campers have four hours to choose and enjoy any of the following: playing games in the wagon, going to the snack shop, playing sports, playing an outdoor game with the counselors, zip lining, canoeing, swimming or repelling!! I love how there were endless fun activities to do.

Then we get ready for dinner. Also at dinnertime, care packages arrive. I received a care package during my one-week stay there. My mom and dad sent me a letter, board games, book and treats galore!

After dinner, we head back to our wagon exhausted and hit the hay right away. We were always so excited for the following day to unfold.

On our last night, we had a bonfire. It was a very beautiful night. The sky was clear and the stars were bright. We had s’mores, we sang songs and went to bed late.

The following morning we woke up to a song from “The Greatest Showman.” We ate a quick breakfast, piled on the bus, got comfy and prepared for the ride home.

I had so much fun and the days passed by so quickly. As we drove back, I found myself missing Hume Lake, which was ironic. None of my worries that I had before the camp ever happened. I liked the food, I didn’t miss my bed, I didn’t get sick and no bears showed up. I did miss my family a little bit.

Hume Lake was a blast and I had the greatest time there!

Thank you 2018 for an unforgettable and wonderful memory, and I am looking forward to making another great one in 2019!