Meat On Ocean


The art of steakhouses has taken a backseat in an era of vegan and gluten-free options that have spread through the Westside. In the meantime, the creators of Meat On Ocean seem to have been hard at work trying to find a way to get back into the culinary spotlight.

Boasting a wide-open layout and the best ocean view you can get on Santa Monica’s Ocean Avenue, Meat On Ocean has clearly found a way to do so.

Gone are the days when going out for a steak dinner involved sitting in a red leather booth next to a Dogs Playing Poker painting on the wall. This place is the future—and it has the food to back it up.

A row of wine selections set to the backdrop of butchers behind glass cutting meats in real time welcomes guests, letting them know they are about to experience something new. In the corner, a large walk in steak aging process with walls made out of salt seek to season the meat every step of the way.

Finally, the journey for the steak—which has probably lived a more pampered life than the average person—makes its way to your table in the form of medium rare prime rib with a tomato garnish.

To use the words “perfect” and “tasty” would be an insult the creature from which the piece of meat came. Instead, the 12 ounces of carnivorous heaven can be best described as a justified sacrifice.

On the dinner menu are cuts from three different farms: Double R Ranch in Washington, Snake River Farms in Idaho and Santa Carota Ranch. Serving size ranges from six ounces to 16—satisfying appetites of all sizes.

For those looking to consume creatures from the ocean that sits just a stone’s throw away, a well-timed bacon-wrapped scallop gracefully marries the hog and mollusk. At the same time, a Spanish octopus a-la-plancha with sweet peppers gives a new and refreshing spin on seafood, leaving the gamey flavors behind.

Also on the menu is a Chicken Salad Sandwich, made with pulled chicken, arugula and roasted sweet peppers, and the Croque Monsieur, with imported Cotta ham, aged gouda and Momay sauce.

Sides include Mexican Corn with cotija cheese, lime and cilantro to keep you grounded with the flavors of home or your friends cookout, while Grilled Maitake Mushroom with balsamic soy glaze and shaved parmesan take you to an entirely new place.

Our server Julian never got lost in the crowd and remained attentive as Travis Robinson, general manager, who gives tours of the restaurant and aging process to anyone who asks.

While such a large establishment doesn’t at first feel like the intimate steakhouse you’re used to, seeing large groups of people come together over a charcuterie board is a quick reminder that such beautiful meats and nauseating couples on a date are not mutually exclusive. It can be a party, too.