LUC Takes No Action on Jack in the Box Project


A proposed residential and commercial building at the old Jack in the Box site made no progress at the latest Pacific Palisades Land Use Committee meeting on Thursday, Aug. 23.

After an initial hearing in June that served as an introduction between project and community, the committee asked the developers’ representatives to return and re-discuss the details. But plans to vote in support of the project and scheduling a hearing before the community council stalled amid a lack of communication between developer Masoud Michael Aminpour and surrounding neighbors.

The developers and representatives from Edgewater Towers have been unable to organize a meeting to discuss any questions or concerns, being that the proposed project will be at the doorstep of the existing condos.

“I’m conflicted because on the one hand, from one perspective, it doesn’t seem very compatible at all, from another perspective it seems very compatible,” LUC member Chris Spitz said. “So at this point, I’m not prepared to take a position on it because I just can’t decide.”

Every other member of the LUC also expressed concern with the height and placement of the building and were not comfortable passing a motion in support of the project. Instead, the committee invited the developer to a future hearing in hopes that the extra time will give the community a chance to raise further questions or concerns.

The proposed “mixed-use” project will include four stories of apartments on top of one story of commercial space on the street level. At the request of the LUC, the developer has promised not to allow fast food chains in those spaces.