With the new year underway, it’s an optimal time of year to complete home renovations.

The Palisadian-Post checked in with local interior designers to find out the latest trends in kitchen remodeling throughout the Palisades in 2020.

“I recommend weaving color into the room,” Caren Rideau, owner of Palisades-based The Kitchen Design Group and an interior designer since 1991, shared with the Post. “We still do a lot of white kitchens, but I think people are excited about bringing a little color in, especially with the California coastal look. We tend to use a lot of blues.”

In fact, Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is a classic blue because it instills “calm, confidence and connection,” according to Pantone’s website.

“People are starting to get away from very traditional Shaker-style white cabinets that kind have been played out for a really long time,” said Richard Sterman, owner of Palisades Kitchen and Bath, who has received the service award for Best of Houzz Award six years in a row.

“It’s becoming very popular to do contrasting center islands,” Sterman continued. “So the perimeter countertops would be one color or finish, and the island would be something else.”

Rideau shared that integrated appliances are one of the biggest trends.

“It’s when you don’t even know there is an appliance there,” she explained.

For example, instead of seeing a dishwasher or refrigerator, it will have a door that’s the same as the other cabinets.

“I believe there are so many types of appliances we can integrate into today’s kitchen,” Rideau continued. “People want to stay home, cook and entertain in the Palisades, and they want the most current appliances that are on the market. We’re borrowing all of the appliances from the professional chefs, and appliance companies are creating residential models.”

This trend marks a big change from a decade ago.

Photo courtesy of Palisades Kitchen and Bath

“Cabinet choices are an option for interior space,” Kari Weaver, an interior designer who lives in the Alphabet Streets said, suggesting the latest trend in specialty storage: “You can take a knife block and put it into one of your drawers. There are a lot of places where you can take things off of the countertops and put them into cabinets or drawers so it’s very functional.”

In terms of decorative hardware and brass accents for knobs and handles, brushed gold and champagne finishes are becoming popular Sterman said, which differs from the shiny gold that was popular in the 1980s.

“I like to highlight ‘jewelry’ cabinet hardware and those kinds of things,” Rideau added.

Textured porcelain tiles are becoming popular in the Palisades for the back splash, Sterman said.

“Texture is very popular,” Weaver agreed. “Whether it be a mosaic tile or texture in general—such as a statement piece on the wall, such as carved wood.”

Another trend that continues year after year is quartz countertops, Sterman shared: “I don’t think that will change with the coming year or years.” Manufacturers are introducing new colors all the time but that’s still the number one anticipated item.

Another design trend that’s made it to the Palisades is mix-and-match lighting.

“Lighting is on par with appliances, there’s so much more you can do because LED lights are not hot to the touch,” Rideau said. “The advantage of LED lighting is that they are smaller so you can integrate them into the cabinetry. If you have floating shelves, you can route the lighting through the shelves.”

Before incorporating the latest tips and trends for a remodel, local designers share the importance of talking through a plan ahead of starting.

“Without talking to a designer first, you’re never going to get an accurate quote,” Sherman explained, having 30 years of interior design experience behind him and being a third-generation general contractor. “You need a set of plans, a roadmap, you need to know where you’re going.”