The Spelling Bee


Written in 2015 after the fourth annual Pali Bee spelling bee, Avery Jones reflects on the experience of participating in the contest.

I was in a spelling bee at Rustic Canyon. I was scared, I thought I would not win. Then it was time for the written test. I felt excited … “will I win?” I thought.

The first word is “through,” someone said. “Ok, I know this one.” I whispered. Then on it went, until it was time for the final round.

There were 42 kids and only 12 could be in the oral test. The girl announced the numbers for the people in the final round.

“Numbers 33, 34, 39, 43, 44, 48…” That’s ME!!!!!!!!!” I said to my Mom!

My family was so happy for me. I walked up onstage…some people spelled words before me, then….. it was my turn to spell… the judge said, “your first word is…”

I’m doing good, I thought when I was done with my third word.

“Your next word is expecting,” the judge said. I tried spelling it, but I got it wrong. My fifth word I got right. I made it to a Challenge Round with one other boy.

We battled until I got a word wrong… “affection.” Then we went to our families to hear who won—I didn’t think I won.

“And in 2nd grade… number 48.” I got a small beautiful trophy! I felt so happy!!!!

To sign up for this year’s Pali Bee, which will take place on Sunday, February 23, at Palisades Charter High School, visit The contest is open to students in first through fifth grade who live or attend school in the Palisades.