KIDS PAGE: Junior Reporters Blast Into Summer

On April 27, we went to the amazing Blast Off to Summer Block Party in the Palisades.  We met many people there and enjoyed the fun games and tasty food trucks.  Some people we met there were Palisadians Toby and Oliver K.

“We are looking around. We were going to the market, the farmers market and we saw the fair,” they said.

Noah W. from the Highlands said, “We had spare time so we just came here. We are planning on playing checkers with my friend or going to the camp booths.”

Seven-year-old Jianling H. said she came to have fun on the bounce house and eat hot dogs while Carlie G. was excited to paint marshmallows with edible paint and six-year-old Ella D. stopped by to pet the lizard from Critter Squad.

Capt. Mike K. from Fire Station 69 came to the block party to show off the fire trucks and support the community event.

“I came for the ukulele concert. My idol is Jake Shimabukaro,” said Bob K. from the El Medio Bluffs.

We also went surfing on the surfboard that swayed back and forth and built a creeperhead out of paper.  We colored a marshmallow and got to eat it too! We can’t wait to come back next year.