KIDS PAGE: Junior Reporters Blast Into Summer

Francesca, from Haverford Ave., and her son Miles, who attends Paul Revere Middle School, arrived at the Palisadian-Post’s Blast Off to Summer Block Party with their little white dog Kimba.  Kimba played with the other visiting dogs, Francesca rocked to the blues band at the stage while Miles enjoyed his refreshments. A fun fact: both mother and son attended Palisades Elementary and each had teacher Mrs. Barrett for kindergarten (different years of course!).

Palisadians Brian and Song accompanied their three sons to the festival after a full morning of sports (baseball and track). Middle brother Kazi had just come from the bounce house where he liked zipping down the slide backwards. Older brother Kai ate a marshmallow he had painted with edible markers while little Zach licked his ice cream cone. When the parents were asked what was their favorite thing at the fair; Song said she liked the food at the food trucks and Brian said he liked being interviewed by a junior reporter.

Jackie, a freshman at Palisades High from Via De La Paz likes to play Jenga and when she saw the giant five-foot-tall Jenga she couldn’t resist. As she carefully pulled the middle brick, the tower started to wobble and came down with a crash.  No children were hurt and a small dog ran away in the nick of time.  Jackie’s favorite event at the festival was the ukulele band as she enjoys playing the ukulele herself.