Former Fire Station 69 Firefighter Appointed to State Board of Fire Services

Fire Captain Frank Lima, who Palisadians may remember from Fire Station 69, was appointed to the California State Board of Fire Services, Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office announced Friday, Sept. 19.

By Reza Gostar Frank Lima wears Palisades Baseball hat as he stands in support of Fire Engine 69 near Sunset.
By Reza Gostar
Frank Lima, to the right, wears a Palisades Baseball hat as he stands in support of Fire Engine 69 in Pacific Palisades.

In 2011, Lima championed against the closure of Fire Engine 69, now only active at the station during Red flag warnings.

Four firefighters also lost their positions at the station when the engine closed.

He also served at the station for about two years before being elected as president of the fire union. Lima has been with the department since 1992.

In 2007, Lima made headlines when he won a reverse discrimination lawsuit against the fire department for nearly $4 million.

In the lawsuit, Lima stated he was retaliated against by superiors because he was a man who applied the same testing standards in training a female recruit that he would to a man.

He is president of the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City and a member of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor Executive Board among other organizations.