Alphabet Streets Deemed Preferential Parking District


The Alphabet Streets were officially designated as a Preferential Parking District by the city of Los Angeles at the end of October. The three-year struggle to get the permit system finally paid off on Tuesday, Nov. 27, as parking signs were installed throughout the neighborhood.

The new restriction includes “No Parking 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., 2 Hour Parking 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.” Vehicles displaying a District No. 268 Permit will be exempt.

While seven blocks into the Alphabet Streets make up the new parking district, only a few streets have signs posted, as requested by residents of those streets.

Signs were installed on Embury Street between Bestor Boulevard and Albright Street, according to a notice given to residents, and Monument Street between Bashford Street and Albright Street.

Since before the Caruso project began, residents along Monument and Embury streets have been asking Sue Kohl, Area 5 Representative on the Pacific Palisades Community Council, for help to obtain the permit status. Village shoppers parking along the residential streets left little options for residents and their visitors.

The push for permits intensified when construction workers from the Caruso project were reportedly parking in the area amid explicit instructions not to.

“I had no horse in this race,” Kohl said. “This was for residents who have been wanting it for years.”

While some Palisadians expressed disagreement with preferential parking, at least 80 percent of residents from the streets who received permit signs signed a petition in support of it, as required by the city for signs to be installed.

To receive a permit, residents must show two proofs of residency and a photo ID to purchase annual and guest permits. Annual permits will cost residents $34 per year with visitor permits priced at $22.50 and valid for four months.

Daily guest permits are also available for $2.50 as parking enforcement in the area began on Nov. 26.