Your Two Cents’ Worth

Voting I

If Trump loses and claims “voter suppression,” he will have a good case and a lot of believers. In 30 years in the Palisades, I’ve never once had to wait in line to vote. This time I returned to our polling place 3 times from morning to after sunset, and each time the line was at least an hour long. Congratulations to those who did their duty and waited, but I am 87 with severe back and knee problems so that standing for over 15 minutes is very painful, so maybe I was deprived of my right to vote.

Voting II

Your article downplayed the difficulties for voters on Tuesday, March 3rd. Lines were 2 hours long all day. I too praise the election workers for working hard to make the new system work well for voters despite the difficulties. The new machines are fine – the problem was the check-in. Not everyone had their barcoded election books to speed up the process and there were not enough check in workers or ipads. Some people were unable to vote due to the long wait. It was frustrating and caused a true problem for voters. This was not unique to the Palisades but should not happen here, ever!


I am trying not to be paranoid with all that is going on in the news with coronavirus and the flu BUT at the very least, can we make an effort as a community to adhere to basic hygiene? I was walking down the street when an adult man coughed without covering his mouth — in front of two kids! We are teaching poor behavior in a time when it seems more important than ever to be aware of our surroundings.


Looking forward to the opening of Ombra. The concept is different from all the endless Italian places in town. I’m not saying the Italian places are bad, just refreshing to have something new.

Hand Sanitizer

The recipe for hand sanitizer (given by an employee at a local pharmacy): In a spray bottle, mix 2/3 rubbing alcohol and 1/3 aloe vera gel. I added mint essential oil. You’re welcome!


Remember to stay up to date and informed from established sources when it comes to the coronavirus, don’t resort to social media or viral posts.


Thank you to the staff at Palisades Garden Cafe for always being kind and really knowing how to handle a rush!


Can the community sit down with their kids and re-teach, or introduce, simple manners? They don’t seem to know what those are, especially when they raid Starbucks at 2 p.m.