Your Two Cents’ Worth


A drone hovers over homes all night long in the Palmera-Northfield-Las Casas area of the El Medio Bluffs … What is it doing? And should residents be worried?

Gas Pricing

Don’t blame the local station owners for inflated gasoline prices. The major oil companies all use a consulting service that recommends pricing based on traffic volume and proximity to low prices at a Costco. Prices are much lower on PCH in the Palisades than on Sunset in town because of the substantially higher number of cars using the major highway.

Starbucks I

How about instead you teach your child some manners and respect for her elders. It’s because of parents like this, who teach their children to be entitled, why the teenagers in this community are running around leaving trash everywhere and vandalizing private property.

Starbucks II

As a teenager in the community I was appalled by the “Starbucks” comment in the 2¢ section. As younger people we should always open the door for senior citizens no matter what! It’s not about “out-dated etiquette”, but rather respect for all that previous generations have sacrificed for us.

Starbucks III

If my able bodied 13 year old son or daughter does not hold the door open for an elderly adult, or anyone who may need assistance, or any adult for that matter, whether it is to exit or enter, I would consider myself a complete failure as a parent and would head back to parenting 101 class. Manners, ethics, common decency and courtesy are the rules that should be followed here – this is how a world of kindness to others, especially our more vulnerable population, is born. My guess is the elderly woman likes kids; she just didn’t like this kid’s behavior.

Starbucks IV

WOW! Just when you thought that the entitled among us couldn’t get more blatantly entitled. I’ve never heard the rule that any “person exiting the building has the right of way,” but I have heard it suggested that one should be considerate of others, and respect and be polite to one’s elders, at least to one whose sole offense was trying to enter a Starbucks (maybe even hold the door for her?).


I witnessed the memorial service for Palisadian Tom Dunsmuir on Sunday. Tom’s daughters, grandchildren, son-in-law, and friends put on a display of humor and love that moved all of us in attendance and reminded us what really matters in our lives is affection. I knew Tom only slightly, but got a taste of his sly wit whenever I’d encounter him at Gelson’s. We’ve lost a dear soul.

Post Office

The postman that replaces our wonderful usual carrier does not push the mail inside our mailbox. There are lots of documents at tax time and through the year. Mailman gave me the excuse he does not have time for the simple task of pushing the correspondence inside our mailbox. Palisades Post Office should shape up!

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