Your Two Cents’ Worth

New Homes

Are all of the developers and designers in the Palisades, especially the Alphabet Streets, now creatively brain-dead? I think if I see another new white and black house I’m going to snap!


As responsible dog owners, it is our jobs to maintain control over our pets. As much as we love them, dogs can be unpredictable. It is concerning how many pet owners are walking their dogs off leash. For the safety of everyone involved please follow the law and keep your dogs on a leash.


There are two massive blue City signs at El Medio bluffs that ruin the views of the ocean. They do nothing but give “credit” to our mayor and councilman for some maintenance work. If they saw these, they would not want to take “credit” for ruining the environment. Take them down!

Signs II

While I’m happy someone finally moved into the Thelma Todd space, I do not love the new sign on the building. It completely changes the historic look!

Remembering Kobe

I remember I was at a Gala and Kobe let me auction off a game of horse with him at his house. We got twenty one thousand dollars! Years later I reminded him of that and he told me he won the game (duh) but said he could have beaten the guy if he shot from his phone. LOL. Every event I have ever worked where Kobe and Vanessa were present they ALWAYS donated during the appeal and also offered Kobe experiences. He was quiet about his philanthropy but walked the talk for many in need.


Asking the community to please report any dangerous driving and to please tread carefully. Some people speed down Sunset and I can’t help but worry for the safety of others.


Stop and enjoy the sunset when you have the chance! I love the view from the Bluffs, overlooking PCH and the seemingly endless ocean—my favorite thing about the Palisades.

Super Bowl

Did not really care for either team in the Super Bowl this year, but rooted for the Chiefs after finding out we had one of our own playing! Very exciting to see Mitchell win.