Your Two Cents’ Worth

Leaf Blowers

Is it too much to have one issue of the Post without a two cents column on leaf blowers? Find something new to complain about!


Thank you Pumpkin Person: I enjoy searching for the pumpkins you place on Palisades Drive. It always makes me smile. Know that your spirit of fun is appreciated.


The muffins at Gelson’s are so tiny for $3.95. They should take a tip from Whole Foods where for $1.99 they are 10 times bigger.

Community Room

The Community Room in the Village is outrageously priced, unless you are a nonprofit. Most community rooms elsewhere are accessible to the community and affordable for people to use.


I just want to give a huge thanks to the baristas and staff at Starbucks on Sunset and Swarthmore, they always handle rush-hours well and are always so sweet!

Vigilance on the Road

Can we as a community please be more mindful and alert when driving? On two separate occasions I’ve almost been hit by a car when crossing the streets near the Village—at crosswalks, when it was my turn to walk.


They’re putting a park from the rec center to PCH? Why not use the space to build housing for the homeless?


Quite a turnout for Arnie for Arnie Wishnick Way. I can’t think of another community member who would draw half the people he did.

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