Your Two Cents’ Worth

Holiday Traffic

LAX traffic is totally out of control. Picking up family before the holiday took over an hour for the last hour once they get within blocks of the airport property. Local intersections are gridlocked solid. Drivers on the wrong side of the street to cut around. Virtually no traffic police to help anywhere. Is it a dispute between Airport authority and local police jurisdictions on overtime?  Which public officials should we complain to? TIP: Add at least an hour for your airport run and hope it’s enough.

Leaf Blowers

Because gas powered leaf blowers are illegal, and because they harm the environment we all must share, it is everyone’s business to ask gardeners not to use them.

Found: Bracelet

I found a gold bracelet in the parking lot by Caffe Luxxe on December 19. Call the Post to identify at 310-454-1321.

Found: Gift Cards

Found 5 gift cards. Call to identify. (310) 459-4807.


Sigh… fingers crossed that 2020 is the year we find out what is going into Norris. But I do have to say I have lost a bit of hope and am now thinking it will be at least 2021 before we have answers.

Norris II

I saw a poll with more than 600 responses for a new retail establishment in the Palisades that received more than 50% of votes for a sporting good store. Many of the comments requested a hardware store. I hope someone out there is watching/listening/reading and brings us what we’ve been asking for!


All of these rains have made potholes on Temescal scary again! Watch out, especially when heading up toward Sunset, there are some big ones out there!