Your Two Cents’ Worth

Leaf Blowers

To the lady at Sunset and Allenford who was harassing a gardener for using a gas leaf blower: Really, you waste your time doing that? To all people who complain to any gardeners who are not yours, honestly find something better to do with your time. These gardeners, a lot of them live far away, you should say politely, “Do you know that it is illegal in Los Angeles to use a gas leaf blower?” if you really want to waste your time. But I know it’s horrible for the environment, mind your own business and don’t snitch. If your gardener uses gas blower maybe buy them an electric one for $100.

Self Care

This is in response to the letter regarding “self care.” I was a teacher for second graders and these are some of the things that make people healthier and happier:

  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Exercise
  3. Have an interest in other people not just yourself. Doing for others brings happiness to you.

Would also like to suggest that before any child graduates from high school they should be required to take a class in life skills, which would include money skills.


Thank you to the manager of our village’s CVS. When the photo print making machine malfunctioned, the manager saved the Christmas photos with a speedy workaround. That’s customer service. Remember that?


Huge thanks go to Doug Suisman, urban planner and architect, for designing and spearheading the construction of the handsome new park at the corner of Pali High on Temescal and Bowdoin Street which students pass on their way into school in the morning. Take note that sitting on any of the three benches in front of the Palisades Charter High School sign will give you a special view of the ocean intersecting the sloping sides of Temescal Canyon.


I don’t understand why the staff at our local bagel shop has trouble understanding what it means to toast a bagel which for most people means lightly brown or a golden surface. The very definition of toast is a browned surface. Here, there’s no sign of crisping at all. I have observed customers asking to see their “toasted bagel” before the topping is added, and I completely understand why they are asking.


It’s nice to see all of the homes decorated for the holidays. This year, I have felt very not in the holiday spirit, so driving around town and seeing the pretty lights has helped. Thank you for everyone for bringing cheer to the Palisades.

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