Your Two Cents’ Worth

Street Cleaning

Can anyone remember the last time they saw a street cleaner in Palisades?

Flowers I

Do you think that perhaps there is a possibility that the child’s mother also works and perhaps she is with her father for love and care?

Flowers II

To the person who wrote to say the man on Chautauqua is using his daughter for financial gain – seriously? You live in the Palisades and you’re complaining about the nefarious financial motives of a very nice man, who clearly cares for his daughter (who, by the way, is not there every day – is never there on school days), who spends all day every day out in the elements selling flowers and fruits. Not everyone has the means to hire a babysitter. Many of us tagged along to work with our parents and haven’t been harmed by the experience. Have you ever considered that maybe he’s out there working every day so that he can feed his family and give his daughter a better life? Or maybe he wants to keep her safe with him. For the cost of one run to Erewhon you could buy out his full day’s merchandise and give both him and his daughter a day off.


Does anyone in the Palisades have a leash for their dog that they use with frequency? I myself love dogs and don’t mind them coming up to me, but with all of the horror stories out there, wouldn’t you want to protect your pet??

Light Pollution

With Christmas right around the corner and everyone putting up their lights, this is a friendly reminder about light pollution. Please consider timers for the lights, reasonable hours to have them on, the effects of lights on small critters living in the area, etc.


My wonderful, long-time mail carrier just dropped off my mail at 8:30pm. She was in tears from the stress of working an overly long day. Apparently, a new supervisor at our local post office is requiring carriers to do special deliveries before they begin their regular routes. Let’s support our local mail carriers. We all want our mail delivered in a timely fashion, but not at the expense of their physical and emotional well-being.

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