Your Two Cents’ Worth


In a past issue, a patriotic neighbor raised the issue of the flag at the Caruso Village. What a fantastic idea to respect those who have died for our freedom with a PROPERLY LIT flag flying above our village! Caruso bills himself as a family man and a patriot, the fact that this proper illumination hasn’t been done sooner is a tragedy. Here’s to seeing those stars and stripes 24/7!! – A Palisadian who still loves America!


I love all the Post contests but, I am not sure that the First Baby of 2020 should be identified as fully as the Post usually identifies its winner. Naming the child, date of birth, the siblings, the parents and residence seems like an invitation to identity theft. Perhaps there is a better way to announce the winner.

(Editor’s note: We leave the amount of information we publish up to the discretion of the winners for all of our contests.)


I think the Halloween Candy Buy Back is a great way to teach students civic generosity in theory. I would like to point out though that dental decay is even more of a problem in children living in developing and war affected countries where they have little to no access to dental care. Many of these children don’t even have toothbrushes. I don’t see how giving candy to these children can “hopefully prevent some more cavities.” Perhaps the students here can each also donate a new toothbrush along with their candy?

(Editor’s note: The candy is sent overseas through Operation Gratitude—some of the candy is shared with children, but most is intended to be care packages for troops.)


Tests are a part of life. They are not always “fair”. SAT and ACT could help level playing field by making substantial online tutoring available for free. They do test each student’s current ability to read and think, which are key skills and abilities. Hard fact–we are not all the same. The UCs are intended to educate those with higher level academic abilities. If a person does not have them, it will not help to put them in an environment where they will fail, so though you may want to go to a UC, it may not be for you. Good fact–people succeed with educations from many different sources. Focus on what you do well, work hard to develop your talents and strive to be the best you can be. Avoid making stupid/bad decisions, and you will maximize your changes for success and happiness in your life.

Sad Flowers

The man selling flowers at PCH & Chautauqua always has a small girl in tow. She is kept there on the sidewalk for hours in heat and cold, for one purpose: to seek your sympathy. Last week she was there again, cold and shivering in rain. Please use your judgement and help protect this child.

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