Your Two Cents’ Worth


Hurray for the new theater! And hurray for the live theater that’s been Palisades’ own for 30 years.  Located at 941 Temescal Canyon Road, our local Palisadians have attended, performed, worked and been imbued with love of theater right on our own stomping grounds.

30 Years

Thank you for reporting on Theatre Palisades and its 30th anniversary. It is a gem and I hope more Palisadians will come and enjoy the shows.

Palm Trees

Tall palm trees are potential fireballs. During our recent high winds, massive fronds (tails and all) hurled down on my house from four houses away. What if they’d also been on fire? Please keep them trimmed, Pali peeps!


For a number of years, Palisades Dentistry at 881 Alma Real has offered a Halloween candy buyback for $1/lb. This year, the Orthodontic Center in the same building is offering a Halloween candy buyback for $5/lb. With an apparent bidding war, are savvy Pali kids holding on to their candy, hoping for an even higher bid?


I am so disappointed to hear that our Chamber of Commerce is no longer willing to sponsor the traditional evening with Santa and Mrs. Claus that so many of our children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren have come to enjoy. It was a community evening that brought people together and gave us the feeling that Christmas was upon us once more. This was one night out of the year, would it really have been so difficult for our Chamber, Mr. Caruso and those who work for them to respect this long held event and start their Santa display and photo sessions after our traditional evening?


Glad I don’t have to decide where the Farmers Market ends up. The vendors, locals and visiting shoppers all seem to have a different idea of where it ends up. Personally, I like the idea of Antioch, but the parking at Pali High will be hard to beat.


This year, I am thankful for Netflix. Is anyone else having a hard time leaving the house to get anything done? There are so many good shows to check out.

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