Your Two Cents’ Worth

Leaf Blowers I

Thank you to my neighbor who has asked their gardener to stop using a gas powered leaf blower in compliance with the law, it is so much quieter and the 35 kids on my block can now play outside and not get sick. Hopefully the whole street will do the same.

Leaf Blowers II

All of this talk about gas and electric leaf blowers got me wondering. If people still use gas powered blowers then they must be superior to their electric cousins. I got our gardener a gas powered leaf blower and we will never look back. The new leaf blower clears the leaves off our lot in record time. My kids also enjoy trying to blow each other over with the new more powerful motor.

Local Focus

In this day of toxic politics, I am not a fan of our local paper encouraging political editorials or letters because of how divisive politics has become. That being said, Steve Cron’s letter to the editor in response to the Trump supporter was appropriate, to the point, factual, well-reasoned and a necessary response. Thank you Mr. Cron for an essay which clearly demonstrates to Trump supporters that. “…the emperor has no clothes”. Now let’s focus on local matters, fire protection, leaf blowers and our kids!

Drunk Uncles

Thank you Steve Cron. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You managed to chronicle everything I’d been stressing about ever since Trump won the electoral college. My only hope is that every thinking person clips this letter to have it available this Thanksgiving for our drunk uncles to read.


Nothing could more vividly display the polarity between Trump supporters and detractors than the letters you published today and last week. (Unless it be a physical brawl.) Thanks for airing this out.

Response to Response

I was so happy to see Steve Cron’s response to “The Trump Path”. Eloquent, educated, respectful and welcomed!! Thank you Steve Cron for speaking for so many of us. Hopefully, the majority!

Thank You

Missing violin that was announced in the 2 cents section was returned by a woman who works at Pali High. Owner is grateful and wanted to thank her!


Please let the person complaining about the Pali Rec referees (and all other referees in the world do this too!) know that they always choose the one-syllable color closest to the team color in order to be efficient.


In the face of our recent mandatory evacuation it is stunning to me that the park rangers at Will Rogers State Park allow barbecue fires during fire season. How can they possibly think that is safe, sensible, and risk free?

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