Your Two Cents’ Worth


Imagine my dismay when I parked my car while in our little Marquez shopping area and found a lighted cigarette in the gutter among the dead leaves. Who would be so thoughtless to do that after the fires of the recent past?

Leaf Blowers

Air pollution from the Getty Fire forced the shut down of dozens of schools in Los Angeles. But shouldn’t we also protect kids from the thousands of pounds of carcinogens and airborne pollutants that are dumped into our schools, backyards and parks everyday by adopting alternatives to gas powered leaf blowers and other gas powered lawn equipment?

Leaf Blowers II

Do yourself (and your neighbors) a favor. Buy your gardener a cordless leaf blower and kiss the pollution and most of the noise good-by. We keep one in back of the house with the charger and an extra battery. The gardener uses it every week (we have an electric lawn mower to, which is nice and quiet). Gas leaf blowers produce the equivalent of driving a standard pickup truck from Pacific Palisades to Anchorage (yes, Anchorage, Alaska) every hour they are in use. So you know that hybrid you’re driving, well, if your gardener is using a gas leaf blower, he’s more than making up for that carbon footprint you’ve been reducing. Amazon will deliver a cordless blower to your door for $90-$150. Oh, they’re legal too.


Again this year, Seven Arrows School is closing down La Cruz Drive during rush hour for their Day of the Dead party. This closure severely impacts the already awful Friday afternoon traffic in the Palisades. Why is Seven Arrows School so clueless about this? Surely this school could use an off-street location and show a bit more consideration for the neighbors.

Flag Code

While that hideous statue on Swarthmore in Carusoville has a flood light illuminating it at night, directly across the street in front of the Bay Theater Old Glory flies in the dark. According to the US Flag Code, American flags should be displayed from sunrise to sunset every day. You can keep your flag flying 24-hours if it is properly illuminated during all hours of darkness.


The other day my son was playing basketball in the Pali Rec League. The opposing team was the Orangemen, and their uniforms were bright orange. However throughout the game, the well-meaning referee continually referenced the Orangemen as the “red” team—calling fouls on “red,” awarding possession to “red” etc. How can Pali Rec refs officiate effectively if they’re color blind?


The new landscaping and signage at Pali High is fantastic and the school should be commended. It really improves Temescal Canyon.

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