Your Two Cents’ Worth

Palisades Fire I

Who were those courageous gardeners … groundskeepers is perhaps the correct word, who I saw on ABC7 heroically defending that property on Charmel Ln. with garden hoses in the face of 60 ft flames. They and their family should have a pride of place in our 4th of July parade.

Palisades Fire II

As a way of showing our appreciation for the outstanding job our local firefighters did saving our homes in the upper Marquez Knolls, may I suggest we drop off movie tickets, massage or restaurant certificates or other thoughtful gifts?


Shame on The Bay Club: They make it virtually impossible to cancel or put your membership on hold. They hide behind their so called “Cancellation Policy”, they are evasive and ignore requests. This only results in them auto-debiting your credit card, charging late fees and getting a few extra months of payments from you. This is a shameful business practice.


Kudos to Rick and Tina Caruso for their $50 million (!) donation to the Pepperdine Law School to benefit under-served students and for their transformation of Swarthmore from the Ground Zero it had become to a terrific place for Palisades families.


Sure it’s annoying when drivers blow through stop signs, but what about the drivers who move at 20 MPH along PCH for no reason?! You are slowing down what is already a congested drive. Please drive faster.

Leaf Blowers

I am for the use of leaf blowers as they are a time saver for gardeners. It would take my gardener twice as long to complete our small 2 yards if they could only use rakes. There would be a huge financial burden on them if they could only complete half the homes each week with no use of blowers. Are homeowners willing to consider paying double their current price so our hard-working gardeners can make a living? It’s about them, it’s not about you who complain.

Leaf Blowers II

Happy to see the many 2 Cents about the illegal blowers! But seems there are too many Palisadians that either don’t read the Post or don’t care to follow the law. It’s the responsibility of the HOMEOWNER to request electric or rake. If your gardener tries to charge extra, maybe let them know gas is illegal and fines are $150 and up. Or, have the gardener come every 2 weeks – fall leaves are beautiful.

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