Your Two Cents’ Worth

I hope LAFD Captain Erik Scott will consider this admittedly far-out idea for wildfire prevention in this area: Let the Fire department pretend there is a wildfire in the Santa Monica Mountains and inundate all dry areas with water twice a week. The cost of this prevention in lives and dollars will be a fraction of the cost of containment.

It’s dark out there in the morning around 6 am. Please turn out your porch lights and help light up the morning!

Leaf Blowers
If a city official would just come to the Palisades on a MONDAY MORNING for a couple hours, they would be able to ticket the majority of gardeners with illegal gas blowers.

Fire I
A huge shout out to our fire department and police for doing a great job at getting things under control for us and saving our homes!

Fire II
Though thoroughly terrifying, the Palisades has been incredibly lucky the past few brush fires. I worry for what is to come. Yes we are doing a good job at creating defensible space, but what else are we doing to stay safe.

Watch Out
Crossing the street at La Cruz and Alma Real is so scary! Do drivers not realize that it’s a stop sign??

How is it so hot in October? Where is fall?

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